Here Come the Holidays!

So guess what is right around the corner? I am sure you are saying "the holidays!". And yes that may be true, but what is also right around the corner is a bigger stomach, more "baby fat", bigger thighs, maybe another chin. I think you get my point.

The holidays have become a time for people to let themselves go.

They stop working out as much as they were during the Spring and Summer.

The food not only gets more abundant, but also gets richer, sweeter and just plain un-healthier!

This season of more food and less exercising usually begins now. Right after Halloween. I mean we can't throw away any of that leftover candy now, can we? We spent good money on that candy!

Then the great feast begins with Thanksgiving. I mean who doesn't like to stuff themselves so much in one day that not only puts them in a coma, but makes their pants feel like the button is going to pop right off and shot someone right in the eye!

Then come the Christmas cookies, cakes, pies, candy, etc. Along with the huge tins of popcorn that every one loves to give, but nobody really knows why they eat them. I don't think I have ever tasted more stale popcorn in my life!

Along with all of the food, comes the drinks. Eggnog, cider, champagne, wine, hot cocoa, again I think you got my point.

All of these calories are just adding up along with all the pounds you are putting on just like your credit card with all the gifts you are buying.

Next comes New Years!

What a great time! A whole new year to turn your life around! Really start working on all those resolutions. Finish that list of "To Do's" you have been meaning to get to for the past....year. And of course...start working on all the weight you put on over the past 3 months along with all the weight you wanted to lose from the holidays before last!


I am here to tell you I can help you stop the cycle and get you ready for the holidays guns-a-blazing!

I am here to tell you I can help you look GREAT NAKED for your New Years! And not have to worry about what next extreme diet you are going to take on after January 1st 2009 so you can look great by Valentine's Day or Spring Break.

Are you ready?

If you are willing to take the plunge and stop the never ending cycle the holidays bring on please visit my Look Great Naked Boot Camp site and sign up today.

If you are not ready...well good luck and I will be seeing you, or maybe more of you come 2009!