Good feeling

I let these past couple of days get by me without blogging. Need to get better at that!

Monday's Training...
(Let me just say this was one of the best days of training I have had in a while!)

Snatches w/ 12kg
45R/45L = 90! 1 rep every 4 sec w/ 1 hand switch!
**I still find it crazy that I can do this. I sort of had a conversation with myself while I was doing the snatches. I just kept saying..."Just 10 more, you can do it!"**

Clean and Jerks w/ 16kg
Pyramid 1-5 and then back 5-1
**These are something I need to work on. I have the movement down, now I just need to clean it up.**

I felt so good after this workout. And then yesterday (Tuesday) I felt awesome even though yesterday was a rest day for me.

It feels good to train train like a girl!