Goals taking another turn

I have been thinking about what my goal(s) should be and how I want to achieve them. After many talks with BJ and figuring out what I want, I decided I want to lean out more. I had this goal before my RKC and got there, but then after the RKC I really didn't have any goals I was excited about, so I must admit, I let a couple of pounds come back on. Nothing too extreme, but I think it is time to really work at getting lean again.

The way I plan on reaching my goal is by using the KB and body weight exercises. So by doing A LOT of swings and A LOT of squats and push-ups, with a bunch of other exercises thrown in. Ofcourse I am going to have to really tighten up my diet and say no to a lot of good stuff at work. I eat pretty clean for the most part, but there is always room for improvement!

Here is what I have been doing the past couple of days...

Snatch workout: I did the same snatch workout we did at the RKC that Will Williams, RKCII made up. I don't have the workout in front of me, but basically it was swing, high pull, snatch. Then swing, snatch, and then lastly snatch. All was done for time.
After that I took a 5 min break and then did some major swings....
8kg 30 sec
12kg 30sec
16kg 30sec
20kg 30sec
1 min rest

I did that for 7 rounds. I was only going to do 5, but I had more in me.

BJ taught a Kettlebell class at our gym. It was very challenging. Too much to write down, but he combined swings, burpees, med ball slams and crunches in a way that was awesome!

I worked from 6:30am-3pm, but came home and did some light swinging. I was pretty tired from working but I needed to do something. Here was my swing workout...

2-handed swings w/ 16kg: 15 swings at the top of every minute. Rest the remainder of the minute. I did this for 15 min.
Then I did 3 sets of 5 ring rows.

I am off to an ok start, but I am really going to start picking up the pace and making my workouts longer.

Till next time....