Goals After Baby...6 Weeks After

It has been 6 weeks since I had my little girl Parker. Over the past 6 weeks I have been thinking about what my next goal, or I should say goals, would be to help get my body back into "pre-baby body" shape.  I feel that setting multiple short term goals to reach my long term goal is best then just concentrating on one large long term goal.

A little background on me, I love to set goals. I NEED to set goals. I cannot just "workout" or "train" for no reason, it leads to me getting bored and then I get no where. So as I have been thinking of my goals I decided I didn't want to focus on fat loss, as most women post-pregnancy do, but focus more on each goal and let fat loss be the end result.

So here are my goals for the next 10-12 months....

Goal #1: Date to complete by: JULY 6th: Compete in my very first Kettlebell competition. I will get more into what a Kettlebell competition is in later posts, but on July 6th I will be competing in my first one, along with our Kettlebell team, in Austin, TX. Very excited, yet a little nervous.

Goal #2: Date to complete by: End of Sept/beginning of Oct: Have my very own "bikini photo shoot". Every woman at one point should do a photo shoot. Doesn't have to be a bikini one, but a photo shoot where you dress up, get made up and feel pretty. I am doing this because I have always wanted to and I figured...HEY! Why not?? :)

Goal #3: Date to complete by: Spring of 2013: I know that is VERY vague in the date, but the reason why is because I want to compete in a bikini show/competition, and right now I don't know the exact date. I will get more into why I am doing this and setting this as a goal in a later post.

So now I have my goals set, we have the scariest part...posting my before pics. YIKES!! But if I don't I will be cheating myself. So here they are....

photo (4)photo (5)










OK it's out there and now its time to get to work!