Goal #3.....This is a BIG one!

If you have been on this little journey of getting my post-baby body back, you know I didn't just say "I want to lose weight/fat/etc", I made goals for myself over the year to reach my ultimate goal. I hit my first and second goals, but now this is the big goal. The goal that is going to make or break me! Not really, but it will be a lot of hard work and really stepping outside of my comfort zone. I am going to be competing in my very first bikini competition on April 12th! If you don't know....THAT'S IN 14 WEEKS!!!!!

This is probably my scariest goal so far. Competing in the KB competition, not nervous at all. Doing a photo shoot, yeah a little nervous. But getting on a stage with a ton of strangers looking at me, judging me, possibly even criticizing me....well that freaks me the F&$% OUT! But, I'm going to do it! :)

I will be updating a lot more than I did with my second goal. Mainly because when I have to update I stay focused and that is what I need for the next 14 weeks...focus.

Here is a starting pic taken last week. As you can see...I ate maybe 1 or 2 cookies too many over the holidays, but I'm not going to let the

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)










And here is a woman who is a 9 time bikini competition champion. Here name is Amanda Latona and is my motivation. She is strong....NOT skinny.

Amanda Latona 1 Amanda Latona 2