Fried Legs

No I don't mean chicken, but my own! Last night's workout was great but I think I over did it with the pistol practice. Here is how it all went down...

Warm up:
Joint Mobility
3 rounds of Pistols, Push ups and Pull ups (5 each leg, 5 and 1)
**with the pistols I went down as far as I could and then back up**

Snatches w/ 12kg 6 min (snatch every 5 sec) R=42, L=30
Deadlift w/ 135lb 5x3
Press Ladders w/ 12kg 7 sets up to 3
1hand swings w/ 12kg 3 sets up to max

Cool Down:
Major stretching!!!!!!!!

Great workout. I think I will be soon moving up with the 16kg for my presses. The 12kg just felt too light. But then again that is my goal!