Feeling Stronger

I don't know if it is the way I am eating or the way I am training or both, but I am feeling so strong with my workouts. Over the weekend I did not workout part of it do to time on Saturday and the other part due to Ozzfest on Sunday. Which by the way was a great show! So yesterday I was ready to get my workout moving. Here is what I did...

Deadlift: 136# 6x4
Squat: 95# 5x3 (I got as low as I could with these)
Snatch w/ 16kg 10x4 (R,L)
Walk on treadmill for 45 min

The workout was challenging, but I felt so strong and I knew I could do it. It is a very powerful thing when there is a very heavy weight in front of you and you either deadlift it, squat it, snatch it, whatever and it feels light. I do believe my workout was so great because of my carbing up during the weekend. I do need to eat a little more "clean" when it comes to my carb up weekends. I let myself get a little crazy and then BOOM! I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past crazy and going into obscene!

Today is a conditioning day. I think I am going to do some running intervals outside, if it doesn't rain. If it does, then I am going to do swings and jump rope. One of BJ's little concoctions.

Till next time...