"Don't Lift Too Much Honey....You'll Get Bulky!"

How many of you reading this right now (if you are female) have heard this? How many of you reading this right now (if you are female) believe this?

How many of you reading this right now (if you are female) have heard this come from a man's mouth???

I don't get pissed off easily, but I can say when I hear this, I get furious.


Because it is simply NOT TRUE!!!

I have two theories as to why this is said.

My first theory is that whoever is saying this is simply not educated. They still believe that if women lift heavy weights we will get big and bulky and "Schwarzenegger like", and it's simply not true. We as women cannot build the muscle that men do because our bodies do not have the same amounts of testosterone as men's do. Also, there are many other things that go into building muscle and getting big, but that is for another post at another time.

To prove to you women can lift heavy and not get big and bulky, I have taken a video of one of my client's. Jessica is a mother of 2 and only weighs 140 pounds. In this video below, Jessica is dead lifting 210 pounds for multiple reps. Let's watch...

Jessica is not training for anything in particular. Meaning, she is not doing any competitions or sports. She is simply training to be healthy, fit and have a sexy body! But she lifts heavy weights to get her goals. I do need to put in here that Jessica didn't just start lifting heavy last week. She has been with us for 4 years and started out just like everyone else, slow and making sure she learned proper form.

My second theory on why people say this, and this one is geared towards men, is that they simply do not want women lifting heavier than them. LOL. It sounds funny, but I have seen it. There are many women in our facility that can, and do, lift heavier than them men.

So, ladies.....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! do not listen to anyone who tells you you will become "big and bulky" by lifting weights. If programmed properly, exercise and nutrition, a woman can become strong and sexy and get the body she has dreamed of.