Continuing to Learn

I have found out so much in the past 4 weeks about my body and how it reacts to different types of food (protein, fat, and carbs) and how it reacts to different types of workouts. Some of you might be saying..."WELL DUH!", but this is a great breakthrough for me and I am happy I am having my ups and downs with my food and workouts so I can learn. As I wrote last week, I had a horrible couple of days with my food and I think I was coming down with something. All I know is I didn't feel right. I increased my calories and felt so much better.

My workouts are a different subject. My workouts are changing my body in great ways. One example is all the squats I am doing. Can I tell you my butt has never looked better! Ofcourse all of this I am doing is for the TSC (Tactical Strength Challenge) on Sept. 8th. After the TSC I will be changing up my workouts again to work on mostly shedding fat and less on building strength in one particular area. I must say though, I am truely missing my long workouts with the KB. I miss the swinging and snatching. But that is soon to come. Here is what I did today...

Deadlift 145# 5x5
Squat 100# 5x3
5 min Snatch w/ 16kg=total of 60
***I wanted to do this twice but my calluses felt like they were going to rip so I did want to take the chance.
Walk/Run intervals (1min each) for 16 min

Not a bad workout. I actually felt pretty strong considering I went up in weight with my deadlifts. Tomorrow is a conditioning day and I am going to work extra hard due to the fact that Wed and Thurs I work doubles both days at the hospital and really won't have time to train.

Till next time...