Boot Camp Baby!

Had a GREAT workout this morning! BJ and I started our Boot Camps this week and it was a great class. I participated while BJ taught and it was a very challenging class. We had 4 great ladies come and they all did very well. We did all of the exercises in a circuit fashion and for time. I won't go into details about the will just have to come and see for yourself! But I will tell you we did a lot of body weight exercises.

Diet is going well. I hate to call it a "diet" because I am really trying to change the way I eat, not just eat this way for a couple of weeks and be done with it. I have a lot more energy than I thought I would and I am not having too many cravings. I am hoping to drop 2-3 pounds before the weekend. I plan on sticking with this way of eating for awhile.

Till next time....