Bear Crawl

Yesterday was so beautiful outside I had to make sure I did my workout outside. So I decided to do the bear crawl. I remember when BJ got back from the RKC in April of 2006 he told me about the bear crawl and how it was the grad workout he did. When he was describing it, I personally thought it was nothing, that was until he made me do it! Talk about a lot of work! With the bear crawl you start at one end of a yard or field or whatever, and you start swing the Kettelbell for 30 sec or so. Then you put the one Kettlebell down next to another one and you get into a plank position. Next, you lift one Kettlebell and move it forward and drag yourself forward, then lift the other Kettlebell forward and drag yourself again. Do this for 30 sec or so, then start swinging and repeat until you have reached a specific time or destination. We did not do the bear crawl for the grad workout at my RKC. We did swings and see-saw presses, again doesn't sound hard...until you do it.

Here is what I did...


2-handed swing w/ 12kg 30sec
Bear crawl with 2 12kg Kettelbells 30 sec
I gave myself a 10sec rest inbetween each exercise. I did the bear crawl down the length of my backyard. The workout took me 13 min. Short, but intense. Then I went for a 15min run just to shake things out a bit. Overall I had a great workout and I worked hard, that is all that counts!

Till tomorrow...