Are your kids sabotaging your diet?

Parker, my 18 month old, has this cute new thing she is doing now, she loves to feed mommy and daddy her food. Anything she doesn't want, she comes over and tries to stuff it in our mouths. At first it's cute, she's mimicking us and learning how to feed others. Then after about...oh...3-5 times of her trying to shove food down our throats, it gets annoying. The other day she was trying to feed me and without realizing it, she shoved a cookie in my mouth. Now, normally it would not be a big deal, but right now I have 3.5 weeks left of my prepping to get ready for my competition on December 6th. I'm not allowed to have cookies. Some people would say "Oh it's just one cookie, it's not that big of a deal" and in the grand scheme of things, yes, they are correct, but what about all the other food she has given me? Or the food that she left on her plate/bowl that well, we can waste right? So what do I do? Eat it. A bite here....a nibble there. It adds up.

Right now my calories/macros HAVE to be on point. I know exactly what I need to eat everyday to get those, so adding in extra eggs because I don't want them to go to waste or letting her stuff a cookie in my mouth is bad. But what about for those moms (or dads) who are not trying to be that strict, just trying to eat clean and live healthy and already getting the daily calories they need? Well, more than likely it's hurting you in some way. If a parent consumes up to 500 extra calories a day just by nibbling on their children's food or eating their left overs so it doesn't go to waste and you do that everyday for just 1 week, that is an extra 3500 calories!!! That is enough to add 1 pound of weight a week!!! Now, that might be a little on the extreme side, but you see where I'm coming from. These calories can really add up.

After thinking just about the added calories, I have really become aware of nibbling off P's plate or letting her stuff food in my mouth. I say it that way, because that is what she really tries to do. Stuff all the food in my mouth :) So, next time you don't want something to go to waste, don't put it in your mouth. Try to wrap the food up so someone can eat it later, or if needed, throw it away. Your jeans will thank you! ;)