I’ve been there. I felt that I needed to workout every day to get to my goals.

Felt that every workout needed to be an “ass-kicker”.

I mean, how else am I going to lose the fat right?

But what I found out was I wasn't TRAINING and meeting my goals, I was OVERTRAINING and sliding backwards.

It was frustrating.

But once I realized that by doing MORE was hurting my results, I was able to reach my goals and then set new ones.

If you are having trouble reaching your own goals, you might be overtraining.

Here are three signs you are overtraining.

  1. You’re GAINING fat instead of LOSING fat. Like I said above, many people think that in order to lose fat they need to go “balls to the wall” hard every workout and workout every day. Sure, that probably will work for a short period of time. But eventually your body screams “TOO MUCH!!!!” and instead of losing that fat, you actually gain it. Taking at least two days a week to rest is something everyone who is working out should do. During the time your body rests is when all the “magic” happens. Muscles repair and get stronger, metabolism revs up and your body recovers. If you are in that state where you are gaining and not losing no matter how much you train or what you do, take a couple days off, weigh yourself and I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see that number on the scale go down.


  1. Injuries happen or old ones come back. Picture this….Every time you get in your car to go anywhere, you drive it at 100 miles per hour. All out, pedal to the metal. What will happen eventually? Your car will break down, right? Well the same thing goes for your body. If you decide you are going to go 100% all out every single time you workout, your body will eventually breakdown. This will happen either by you getting injured or old injuries popping up. Neither of which will help you get to your goals. Injuries lead to you having to stop training or you try to train through the injury and either make it worse or make new ones pop up. So, instead of going 100 miles per hour every single workout, take it down a notch or two for a couple of workouts a week. A perfect way to do this is by wearing a heart rate monitor. If you see you are reaching your max heart rate all the time, you know you are going to fall into that “overtraining category”. Workout smarter…not harder.
  1. Your motivation is non-existentA lot of people can reach this point. Your motivation is DOA. Even the thought of putting workout clothes on makes you want to take a nap. And for most, it can last a day or two. But if you are at the point of overtraining, it can last weeks, sometimes even months. Your motivation can be non-existent because your gaining fat instead of losing, your strength might be going down or you’re injured. I mean WHY train if you’re not hitting your goals right?? Now for some it can be a good thing. Taking that time off and letting your body rest. I know for me it helped me greatly. Last December (2014) I had reached my point of training, well really overtraining. I had been training and dieting for basically 18 months straight and I was done. I stopped all training, went for a couple walks here and there and I actually dropped 8 pounds in 2 weeks. For some that will also happen, but you can’t keep doing that for too long. You will eventually start gaining weight and losing that lean muscle. Taking time off will help with the motivation. It might even let you get your brain around your goals and see if 1. They are realistic and 2. Do you have new ones?

If while you read this and said to yourself…”YES!!! I’m going through that!” You should look at your training. You don’t need to have all three, just one to show you you’re doing way too much and need to pull it back a few.

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