April RKC 2008

All I can say is...WHAT AN AWESOME WEEKEND! I never fail to learn something at the RKC's even when I am assisting. Not only do I learn great info but I also get to re-connect with friends and make some new ones. Here is the low down of the past weekend...

First off, my goal of losing 15-18 pounds: I came close. I lost 10 pounds. Why didn't I make my goal? Could it be that I gained muscle? Could it be water weight? No excuses. I didn't make my goal.

BJ and I drove up to St.Paul, MN on Thursday and were completely stoked to get going. We went to help set up the KBs and re-certify with our snatch test. We of course both passed. Then it was off to dinner with Ron Farrington, David Whitley, and Kenneth Jay. It was nice to catch up on what everyone is doing and what the future holds for them.

Then Friday and Saturday was all about learning. I love being able to sit back and soak in all the information that, yes I have heard before, but I still get so much out of not only the lectures, but the remedial drills. I was in Kenneth Jay's group again assisting. We had a great group of students who really came along way over the weekend.

Sunday, which I think is the best day, came and went so fast. Sunday is the day the students get tested on everything they learned during the weekend, they get their victims, and they have the grad workout. I love the grad workout the most because it not only tests your physical strength, but also your mental and emotional strength. I personally believe anybody can have physical strength, but to have emotional and mental strength after a weekend like the RKC takes a lot! And EVERYONE FINISHES TOGETHER!

I want to say congrats to all the new RKCs! And I want to say congrats to our new Senior RKC Sara Cheatham!

BJ and I will be going back in June for Level II RKC and then back in August for CK-FMS certification with Gray Cook and Brett Jones. We are so excited for both!

This week I will be putting up my new goals for the next 8 weeks. So stay tuned!!!!

Train Hard...Train Like A Girl!!!!