4 Weeks of Maintenance

Today marks the end of my 4 week maintenance program. And I'll be honest, I'm pretty happy with myself. Here are pictures from this morning... Kori 92515 1Kori 92515 2











I'm "softer" around the lower abs than I was 4 weeks ago, but that is to be expected since I am eating more starchy carbohydrates. But you can still see my upper abs, a plus for me! :)

As for the scale, I only went up 4 pounds. The old me would cry, bitch and scream at this. But not now. I know that it's water weight and the fact that I am eating more than I had the previous 8 weeks. And I know I can't let the number on the scale dictate my life because the mirror and my clothes say a lot more.

As I had said when I first started these past 4 weeks, the main reason why I did a maintenance program was because my body needed a break. I have learned, not only with myself but with other clients, you cannot diet and train like I did for too long of a period. Your body will just not have it. And soon you will start gaining back that fat you lost and maybe even more.

I also wanted to show you that you can keep your great results without flying off the handle and gaining everything plus more back. I've seen it time and time again. People stop their program/diet because they have reached their goal and within a month or so all of the fat that was lost is back because they didn't know how to continue. My training program itself actually didn't really change. I did add some different lifts, but overall it stayed the same. It was the nutrition that changed the most. I added more food, specifically more carbohydrates. I also didn't allow myself to go overboard with the food. I let myself eat a couple more treats than usual, but all in all I stuck to my plan.

I do have another goal starting on Monday over the next 8 weeks. Like that's a surprise. LOL I'll go into more of it on Monday. I'm really excited for this one!!!