4 Keys to Fat Loss Success: Key #4-RECOVERY

Key #4 might not be something people think would be a key to fat loss success. RECOVERY











But it might be one of the most important keys to your fat loss success.

I know I have a hard time taking days off or maybe going lighter/doing less for a whole week or maybe even more. Actually slowing down to make sure your body can recover. It's a hard concept to a lot of people, but in the end if you don't, your body will stop generating results and start turning on you.

Let's look at this analogy. What would happen if you drove your car at 100 mph every single time you got in no matter where you were going? After awhile your car would eventually break down. The tires, the engine, the whole thing. Well that is the same with your body. No matter how fit you are or how long you have trained/worked out, your body will eventually break down if you don't let up on the gas some days. This leading to either injuries or getting sick...both of which will put you out a lot longer than if you had just rested.

Recovery is also the time at which the body makes it's greatest changes. Changes such as muscle building and repair and fat loss.

Have you ever taken a week where you couldn't get your training in and you ate a little more than you usually do, yet low and behold you step on the scale at the end of the week and it's down a pound or two? Or you look in the mirror you see more definition in your abs or arms?

That is all from the recovery you had. Your body was thanking you for it and rewarding you :)

There are other types of recovery as well.

  • Getting massages to help the muscles
  • Working on your flexibility and mobility
  • Post-workout drinks to help put sugar back into those muscles and rebuild them
  • Drinking water

All of those are great ways to help with recovery and should be done most days of the week, if not all.

So make sure you make a point to put RECOVERY in your week.

Make sure to check back next week on how all 4 Keys to Fat Loss Success work together!!!