4 Keys To Fat Loss Success: Key #1 MENTALITY

Yesterday I turned 38. Kori 38










But I do feel 38?


Do I think I look 38?

To be honest...no. :)

I am not someone who gets hung up on birthdays and getting older. I never have. To me it's just a number and one that does not define me or how I feel about myself.

I think I look and feel better at 38 then I did at 28. A lot of that has to do with my mentality towards my goals and my fitness.

In our gym, Full Throttle Athletics, we have a banner up that outlines the 4 keys to success. These keys can be applied to really any part of your life, but for this post we are going to apply it to fat loss.

The first key is MENTALITY.










I've talked about setting goals and how motivating that can be. But in order to reach those goals you really need to have a great mentality. A mindset that you are going to keep everyday.

While you are trying to reach your fat loss goals, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I putting in the effort to reach my goals?
    • Meaning, did I do everything I was suppose to do TODAY to get me one step closer to my goal? It could be making sure I got my training it or as simple as making sure I got all my water in for the day. Putting in a little effort everyday will help you hit those fat loss goals overtime.
  • Am I being consistent?
    • Many times people will start working towards a goal but then skip a workout or cheat on their nutrition. They are not consistent which leads to not meeting their goals. This can then lead to just quitting all together...not something anyone likes. You MUST be consistent everyday!
  • Do I have the support I need around me to keep me going?
    • Building a community around you that will not only support and motivate you, but also keep you accountable, is HUGE! When you don't have that support around you the people that tend to be there are the sabotagers. The ones who don't have the mentality you do and want you to fail. It's sad to say, but I have seen it time and time again. Make sure those around you are supportive and motivating. You never know, you may motivate someone close to you to hit their goals!

Basically what you need to be asking yourself is "Is my mindset ready to take on the challenge?" If not, no worries, come back to your goal when it is. There is no reason to try and work towards a goal if you're just going to sabotage yourself. But if it is, RUN WITH IT and don't let anyone or anything get in your way!