300 Swings in 10 min

Yesterday I decided to test how many swings I could do in 10 min. Tracy you got me in competition mode. But not with everyone else, just with myself and I thank you for that. Anyways I decided to test my swings. I used a 12kg and did 2-handed swings. In 10 min I did 300 swings. I don't know if that is good or bad. I have never tested my swings like that before so I don't have anything to compare it to. I have decided that once a month I am going to test my swings one day and then on another day test my snatches. Two moves that I love to work with and I want to become better at. Here is what I did for my full workout...

10 min Swing test with 12kg
100 swings w/ a 15 sec break
100 swings w/ a 15 sec break
20 swings w/ a 10 sec break
30 swings w/ a 15 sec break
20 swings w/ a 15 sec break
10 swings---timer went off

I know I can do better...just need to work on it.

Then I took a 5 min break and then finished my workout with 5 rounds of 1-handed swings 30R/30L with a 30 sec break. Then 5 rounds of 2-handed swings 1 min on 30 sec off.

Then if that wasn't enough (which I knew I wanted to do more) I rode my bike on my trainer for 25 min.

Overall I felt a really great workout.

Till tomorrow...