200lbs BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

No that is not what I weighed this morning. Although I would not have been surprised with how bloated I am feeling today. 200lbs is what I pulled this afternoon for my max deadlift! I was/am very excited and BJ was so proud of me. I am going to try to do more for the TSC this weekend. But if not, I will still be happy with 200. Here is the rest of my workout today...

DL 125, 145, 175, 200 lbs (1 rep per poundage)
Squats #105 5x3
Snatches w/ 16kg Kettlebell 5 min x 2
2handed swings w/ 16kg 5 sets of 20
Abdomianl work

I am really happy with today's workout. I feel I worked hard and kicked some major DL butt. Over the next couple of days BJ and I will be re-doing my workout plan...stay tuned!

Train Hard...Train Like A Girl!