2 Weeks Out....Getting Lean and Mean! ;)

So I haven't been posting many updates about my lean out this time. I've changed some stuff up and I've just been really watching how my body has been changing. Am I happy with the results so far???

Hell YES I am!!! :)

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I'm very happy and excited with my results because I look better at 2 weeks out now than I did this time with my last lean out. I'm seeing my abs sooner and getting more definition in my shoulder and arm area, legs are stronger and probably the best part...my butt is fuller/rounder!! I'm all about the booty!

I'm also very happy with the muscle I have put on. Yes, on the scale my weight has gone up, but my body fat percentage has gone down as well as my clothes have gotten bigger on me. I'm not gonna lie, seeing that scale go up has messed with me. Like I've said before, I KNOW that it is just a number and in the grand scheme of things it is not a number I need to worry about. My body fat, how my clothes fit, if I'm staying healthy...THOSE are the things I need to think about. And I am achieving all those.

So make sure you check back in 2 weeks to see the end result!