14 Weeks Postpartum and 8 weeks of Training...The results so far!

OK, I know.....I have been majorly slacking on my blog but I have NOT been slacking on my training and getting my pre-baby body back! Over the past 8 weeks I have been working hard on my training, not necessarily working on losing fat. Remember, that is going to happen when you train safely and correctly, eat properly (NOT diet) and recover fully.

Here are my results from the past 8 weeks....

(Photo on the Left is from today (8/11/13) and the right is from 8 weeks ago)

photo (10)

photo (4)











(Photo on the Left is from 8 weeks ago and on the Right is from today (8/11/13))



photo (5)photo (11)











So far I am extremely happy with my results! My abs are even starting to show again! YAY!! :) And even though the scale really has not changed over the past 8 weeks, as you can see my body has changed tremendously. I too get caught up in THE NUMBER, always thinking..."What will the scale say today??".

So what exactly am I doing? Well you will have to come back this coming week to see!! :)