12/18 Tuesday, Another Great Workout

I had another great workout today. It feels great when you are on a streak of great workouts. Let's just hope they don't come to an end soon. Here is what I did today...(the workout is from CrossFit Philly's blog)

3 Pull-ups
5 Presses w/ 12kg on each side
5 Deadlifts w/ 135lbs
10 Weighted (10lb) Sit-ups

Did this for 10 rounds. I timed myself just for shits & giggles and it took me 32 min. The workout doesn't seem like much on paper but it was hard. I tried to take as little breaks as I could in between rounds and I really got myself going.

This Friday BJ and I are going down to Texas for x-mas. It is going to be 70 when we get there! I don't think I am coming back!

Till next time...