What is the Transform in 4??


I hope you are having a great week so far!

I am loving today so far.

This morning I walked outside with P to get her to school and it was a bit chilly (only 56 degrees) and it smelled like Fall!!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but Fall is my absolute favorite season. Sure, I love Spring when everything is in bloom (as long as my allergies are kept in check LOL) and Summer is great because of the warm weather, but Fall has always been my favorite.

The leaves changing color, the cooler temps, going to pick apples at the orchard. I just love Fall!

But with the beginning of Fall also comes the end of Summer. 

End of Summer vacations, BBQs, family reunions and the kids are back to school.

It’s also a great time to getting back to working on YOU!

That is why I launched my Transform in 4 Challenge yesterday. 

It is a 4 week challenge where you get back to working on you and reaching your goals that you may have put off during the summer.

I got a lot of great questions yesterday about the challenge, so today I am going to put together a quick FAQ video.

But right now I wanted to share with you a short video I made explaining the Transform in 4 Challenge.

In the video I explain…
-What the challenge is
-Who it is for
-What you will receive with the challenge
-What you can expect to get out of it

You can register for the challenge HERE>>> http://trainlikeagirl.com/transform-in-4

Let’s get ready to TRANSFORM!!!

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