VIDEO – What should I eat BEFORE training???

This is a question I get a lot from moms and women who want to train but are either scared to eat before training or just don’t know what to eat before training.

Check out my video below to find out the answer to what to eat BEFORE you train!!

So this is the biggest question, believe it or not, I get about nutrition.

Hey everyone Kori with Train Like A Girl here where I help busy moms was up to 15 pounds of six weeks without spending hours in the gym or going on any restrictive fad diets.

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So the biggest question I get about nutrition is What do I eat before I train?

There is a lot of information out there and a lot of people want to make it seem like it’s so complicated. You know, you should eat this amount, you know X amount of minutes before you train. Then you have to eat this and you have to eat that. It’s not really that complicated.

It’s not complicated at all.

So what should you eat?

Whatever meal is planned that day before your training session.

So if you if you’re planning out your week and you plan what you are going to have for lunch and you are going to be training mid-afternoon and lunch. You know that you’re gonna have you know Chicken salad, and you know an apple then that’s what you have.

A lot of people want to make it seem so complicated that you have to have all these ingredients. But really you just need to have fuel.

So one of the things that I always tell people all my clients is pick your lean protein and pick your veggie and if you want some fruit in there. That’s perfectly fine. But The lean protein and the veggie. Those are the two things that you want.

Now if you’re training first thing in the morning, the last thing you want to do is try to get up extra early to get in a meal. So I always tell my clients pick something that you know is gonna sit well in your stomach but also get you through your training session. I also make want to make sure that they have a great dinner beforehand especially if you’re training about five six o’clock in the morning.

So now along with “What should I eat before I train?” I also get the question is well how far in advance do I need or what’s the time between eating and training?

Simple answer… Whatever works for you.

I know people who can eat a six-course meal get up from that table and go have an intense training session.

That is not me.

I know people that need at least two hours between eating and training.

I myself about one hour to one and a half hours. Depending on what my training is.

But I will say try not to go more than two and a half hours between eating your meal and training.

So I hope this helps when you’re planning your your meals for next week or and so on and your meals before your training.

I would love to know what do you eat before you train?

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