VIDEO: My Training From 8/4/18 – 6 ft of space and minimal equipment!

I have had a lot of busy moms tell me that they just don’t have the time to go to a gym to get their training done.

I mean think about it.

You have to drive there, get yourself ready, get your workout in, get your stuff together, drive home and then clean yourself up.

All that can take up to 2 hours depending on how far away you live from the gym.

Plus…what if you need to bring your kids so they can go in the daycare or even have to drop them off somewhere???

That can add another 30-45 min!

Sometimes it is just NOT doable.

Well this past Saturday I couldn’t get to the gym but I knew I had to get my training in some how. So, I found about 6 ft in our garage (that’s literally all I had because we are cleaning our house out right now, “Spring cleaning” at the end of summer and everything is going in the garage!) I had 2 Kettlebells, a set of dumbbells and a workout bench.

And you know what???

I had a FANTASTIC workout!!!

Here is a video of what I did. I wanted to post this to show you don’t need much to get your training in but to also give you ideas on what you can do at home! 🙂