This says it all…

“The only time SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary”


I love this quote.

I absolutely LOVE this quote!

Now, one of the reasons is because the man who said it is one of the great football coaches of all time.

The great Vince Lambardi!

But also because it’s true.

In this day and time with how instant everything is, everyone wants things NOW!

They want to be rich…NOW!

They want the perfect home…NOW!

They want to have that huge promotion at work…NOW!

They want to lose 10, 20 maybe even 25 pounds…..NOW!

They WANT success NOW!

But when it comes down to it, some people stop when they find out they will have to work for it or when it gets hard.

I understand that.

I have been there when the scale didn’t move even though I was working my tail off.

I have been there wanting the 20 pounds gone with the snap of my fingers and looked for short cuts.

But I will say, it feels so much better to have worked and earned that victory.

And THAT is why I love this quote so much.

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