This is What Consistency Looks Like…

This week I have been talking all about consistency when it comes to hitting your goals.

No matter what goals you might have, personally or professionally, you need to be consistent in order to reach them.

And today I wanted to share with you what consistency looks like when you are working towards those fat loss goals.

This is a mom I work with, Kristy. She is the mom I had told you about on Monday who messaged me letting me know how happy she is/was that she didn’t have to try and diet to look and feel good at her high school reunion.

The picture on the left was in January of 2018, when she started working with me.

She was unhappy with how she felt, unhappy with how her clothes fit and she was really unhappy at how she had stopped so many times and having to start over, just to stop again.

She was not consistent with her training or her nutrition.

Then she started working with me and the Train Like A Girl system.

She was consistent with her training and consistent with her nutrition.

That leads us to the picture on the right, which was taken in October 2018.

She felt good (healthy wise and happy), she was loving how her clothes fit and furthermore was so very proud of herself that she was consistent and stuck with her training and nutrition to reach her goals.

Now, I’m not going to tell you she didn’t have some obstacles along the way.

Oh, she did.

She is a single mother of 3, has a career AND owns her own business (my goodness!)

But we faced those obstacles and figured out a way around them instead of just quitting.

And I think the results speak for themselves 🙂

I am still working with Kristy, as she has a lot more goals she is wanting to reach. Not necessarily fat loss goals, but more strength and fitness performance goals as well as staying healthy.

And with these new goals the key STILL will be in the consistency of her training and nutrition.

Have a great day!

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