“But I Don’t Wanna!!!!” *said in a whiny voice*

You know that feeling.
You know you need to get your training in but no matter how much you try and talk yourself into going and getting it done, you just don’t want to!

That was me yesterday.

I tried to think of every excuse as to why NOT to train.

You know…

  • I should really clean
  • I have phone calls I have to make
  • I’m tired
  • I’m cold

I could go on and on.

Finally after going back and forth on why I should or should not train, I got my butt up and went to train.

And you know what?

I was SO happy I did.

After warming up and getting myself ready, I actually had a phenomenal training session.

Here is a little of my training session with the 20kg Kettlebell Snatch…

Now, I’m not going to lie. There are some days I DO talk myself out of training.

And you know what?

That is perfectly OK because sometimes you need that.

The problems happen when you talk yourself out of training day after day after day.

So what can you do about it?

How do you talk yourself into actually going and training?

For me, like yesterday, it’s a couple things…

  1. I made a decision to have my pre-workout meal. I always make sure I eat about 1.5-2 hours before I train. If I make a decision to eat my pre-workout meal I know I need to use those calories for what they are intended for. Meaning, I don’t want to “waste” those calories and I want to make sure I put them to good use.
  2. I know I will feel better when I am done then when I started. Whether I feel good because it was a great set or I was able to PR or just got those endorphins going, I know after I train I will feel better and I always look forward to that.
  3. Even when I don’t have set goals, I still have goals. That may sound a little weird, but it’s true. Right now I don’t have a set goal for a set date, I just have goals. My goals…getting better. Whether that consists of getting better at certain lifts, such as the KB Snatch or getting better at my mobility/flexibility or getting better at my nutrition. I always have goals to GET BETTER.

Those are the reasons why I make sure I don’t talk myself out of training too much.

If you are talking yourself out of training more days then actually training, try sitting down and writing out WHY you DO train.

On the days you do go in and get a great workout in….WHY did you do it?

Have these somewhere that you can look at them when that little voice in your head tells you…”Come on….sleep in!” or “You can skip another workout.”, etc. And you can remind yourself WHY you DO train.



My training so far….

I haven’t been real happy with my training lately.
It’s not that my program is bad, no the program is great.

It’s that my training has been getting the best of me.

But that is another blog for another time.

Last night I actually had a really great training session. Made me so happy! 🙂

Like I had mentioned in an earlier post, I am training for Kettlebell Sport and my event is Snatch. My goal is to do 10 minutes with the 16kg (35.2#) Kettlebell.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, here is a short video of some of my training from last night. I am using a 16kg Kettlebell.

I know I have stuff I need to work on, technique wise, but I am ready to work. I know it’s not going to be easy, great things never are, but I’m excited to put my all into reaching this goal.

It’s Baaaa-aaaaccckkk (Well, almost)

So in my first post after having Parker, Goals After Baby….6 Weeks After, I wrote about how during my pregnancy I actually LOST my butt. It shrunk, it went flat, it just went away.
I was not happy.

But no worries, it’s coming back!

photo (6)












How am I getting it back you ask?? Simple….Kettlebells! Swings and snatches are a girl’s best friend to get the best behind! It’s still a work in progress, but I am excited to see my body coming back.

Check back later in the week for some insight into what I am going to be doing training wise over the next 16 weeks!!