Some Real Talk About Cheat Meals (VIDEO)

TGIF! That is all I have to say!

Even though this was a shortened week, it seems a lot longer than usual. I’m excited for the weekend to be here!

And with the weekend being here that is usually when “cheat meals” or “reward meals” happen.

Nothing wrong with that!

But sometimes people have those “cheat meals” and then feel like they have messed up their whole week of hard work.

I know I have felt that way!

So I decided to make a quick video on that very subject and give some “Real Talk” about what happens to your weeks when you do have a “cheat meal” or two.

Do you feel like this after having a cheat meal?

If you do, how do you get over it? Comment below!

VIDEO: “What should I eat AFTER I train???”

Now you know what you should eat BEFORE you train, but what should you eat AFTER?

Hey everyone Kori with Train Like A Girl here where I help busy moms was up to 15 pounds of six weeks without spending hours in the gym or going on any restrictive fad diets.

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If you haven’t watched the “What should I eat BEFORE I train??” video, make sure you watch this first!

VIDEO: Your Green Smoothie Might Be Why You Are Gaining Weight!

Believe it or not even though your green smoothies can be very healthy. They could also be the reason why you’re gaining weight!

Hey, everyone Kori with Train Like A Girl here where I help busy moms lose up to 15 pounds in six weeks without spending hours in the gym or restrictive fad diets.

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So let’s get to it!

Everyone knows that green smoothies can be a healthy and great way to get not only a meal in but all your veggies for that one day in. But just as they can be super healthy, they can also pack a lot of calories in just one shake.

So how do we stop that from happening?

It’s all about the steps you take in making that that smoothie.

When I make my smoothies I always start off with with the liquid. Most of time I use water but I do use sometimes almond milk or cashew milk.

Next I move on to the veggies. You can’t go wrong with with spinach. And then I also throw in some carrots just to get some extra vitamins and nutrients.

Next I knew my protein powder. Now if you’re not big on protein powder or you don’t want to use it, that’s perfectly fine.

After that, I put in my my fruit. I tend to go with bananas because it makes a little bit more creamy and frozen berries to also get that sweetness and to give it the consistency I want for the smoothie.

And then last but not least. I you I added my fats or extra add-ins. Now this is where it gets tricky and this is where a lot of the calories can add up very fast. So when you’re adding in your fats or other extras, you want to make sure that you limit it to one.

Sometimes do about a quarter to a half of an avocado or 1 to 2 teaspoons of chia seeds depending on the day. You can also use nut butters or something of that sort, but this is where you want to make sure you don’t add in too much.

I’ve seen it time and time, I’ve done it time and time again to many adding too many high-calorie ingredients to your healthy green smoothie and before you know it it you you end up with a smoothie that’s a 1000, 1500 or even 2,000 calories.

That’s a lot!

I mean I get it there’s there healthy foods, right? Some of them are even considered super-foods. We have to remember even these healthy super foods contain calories and a lot of them in such a small serving.

So you need to watch out how much you put in.

Again, I suggest one either fat or extra add ins.

Hope this helps when you’re making your green smoothies, but if you want a simple way to make sure your green smoothies don’t contribute to you gaining weight, make sure you download my Train Like A Girl Clean & Lean Shake Guide.

In it I go step by step on how to make your smoothies and everything that you need to put in it to make sure you’re getting a great nutritious healthy smoothie but not putting so much into it that you have a full day’s worth of calories in one shake.

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Thanks guys

VIDEO – What should I eat BEFORE training???

This is a question I get a lot from moms and women who want to train but are either scared to eat before training or just don’t know what to eat before training.

Check out my video below to find out the answer to what to eat BEFORE you train!!

So this is the biggest question, believe it or not, I get about nutrition.

Hey everyone Kori with Train Like A Girl here where I help busy moms was up to 15 pounds of six weeks without spending hours in the gym or going on any restrictive fad diets.

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So the biggest question I get about nutrition is What do I eat before I train?

There is a lot of information out there and a lot of people want to make it seem like it’s so complicated. You know, you should eat this amount, you know X amount of minutes before you train. Then you have to eat this and you have to eat that. It’s not really that complicated.

It’s not complicated at all.

So what should you eat?

Whatever meal is planned that day before your training session.

So if you if you’re planning out your week and you plan what you are going to have for lunch and you are going to be training mid-afternoon and lunch. You know that you’re gonna have you know Chicken salad, and you know an apple then that’s what you have.

A lot of people want to make it seem so complicated that you have to have all these ingredients. But really you just need to have fuel.

So one of the things that I always tell people all my clients is pick your lean protein and pick your veggie and if you want some fruit in there. That’s perfectly fine. But The lean protein and the veggie. Those are the two things that you want.

Now if you’re training first thing in the morning, the last thing you want to do is try to get up extra early to get in a meal. So I always tell my clients pick something that you know is gonna sit well in your stomach but also get you through your training session. I also make want to make sure that they have a great dinner beforehand especially if you’re training about five six o’clock in the morning.

So now along with “What should I eat before I train?” I also get the question is well how far in advance do I need or what’s the time between eating and training?

Simple answer… Whatever works for you.

I know people who can eat a six-course meal get up from that table and go have an intense training session.

That is not me.

I know people that need at least two hours between eating and training.

I myself about one hour to one and a half hours. Depending on what my training is.

But I will say try not to go more than two and a half hours between eating your meal and training.

So I hope this helps when you’re planning your your meals for next week or and so on and your meals before your training.

I would love to know what do you eat before you train?

So make sure you comment below and tell me also make sure you watch out for the Video for next week is what should I eat After I train?

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VIDEO: My Journey: Update 8/17/18

I have made some major changes to my training and nutrition over the past 3 weeks and it has paid off!!!

I’ve lost 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks and I feel better then I have in a long time.

Watch the video below to see how I have changed things and why GLUTEN was one of the major changes!!!

My Journey: An Update After Our Vacation

I’ve been a little MIA with my posts and I apologize for that.

We went on a very well needed family vacation back up to Wisconsin for a week and now are recharged 🙂 

During our vacation I didn’t train the same way I have been. Instead I went for a long run/walk everyday and did a lot of body weight exercises. And this was for two reasons.

1. I wanted to take a small break and just move. I wanted to make sure I did something everyday, but not worry about getting certain exercises in. And that’s OK.

2. I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery around me. The one thing I do really miss is all the hills, trees and nature we had back in Wisconsin. I know here in Texas, we do have all that…somewhere LOL. But not where we live, so it was so nice just to go out and run and enjoy everything.

It’s OK to deviate from your training while you are traveling either for work or vacation. Biggest goal should be just to MOVE!

Now, even though I did do something everyday, I will admit we didn’t stick to our nutrition all the time. We didn’t go overboard, but we did have extra non-compliant meals. 

And you know what????

That is OK!!!!

So when we got back I knew I needed a jump start, so I did a quick 1 week detox. I’ll get more into what the detox was in another post, but this was not a juice cleanse, or calorie restrictive detox. But more of adding in vitamins and minerals my body needed and taking out the crap I didn’t.

I got back on my nutrition and got back into the gym and after 2 weeks of getting back into it, I am happy with the results!


I have lost 5 pounds during these 2 weeks and feel so much better.

As much as I love vacations and allowing myself to eat, well really anything 😉 , I feel so much better when I am back to my training and nutrition programs. 

I’ll be updating again next week to talk about my training and what I changed with my nutrition. So make sure you check back next week!!!

Client Spotlight: Kristy Part 2

To say I am proud of my client Kristy would be a complete understatement.

Kristy just finished the Train Like A Girl Transformation Program and got phenomenal results! And I think the before and after pics speak for themselves!

Kristy not only lost over 11 pounds but also lost a total of 10 inches with over 4 of those inches off her belly.

Kristy put in the work not only with her training and nutrition changing her body composition, but also changed her mindset through out the the program.

Besides the goal of fitting into her favorite jeans, which she met only 2 weeks into the TLAG program, one of Kristy’s main goals during the transformation program was to feel happy with herself and comfortable in her own skin. And that is exactly where she is now. She wakes up with a positive attitude and goes to bed happy with what she achieved each day.

Now, I’m not going to tell you it is easy for Kristy every single day, or for anyone that works hard in the program for that matter. 

It’s hard, no matter who you are or how much motivation you have, you will always have those days where sitting on the couch sounds SO much better then getting your training in. Or that it is so much easier (and sometimes yummier) to get your favorite take out then to eat your planned nutrition.

And Kristy did have those days.

So what did she do when those days came?

Sometimes she gave in and did skip a workout or got that take out that was calling her name. Other days she pushed those thoughts out of her head. 

And you know what? Both are OK!

You can’t be perfect 100% of the time and to be honest, you shouldn’t. You should be slowly progressing to hit your goals. That is what it is all about!

So now that Kristy has met her goals and has gotten these great results, she’s done….RIGHT?!?!


Kristy has new goals and is on to her next program with Train Like A Girl. Because she knows this is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. 

I’m so excited what the next 4 weeks brings for Kristy and I will be posting more about her so make sure you keep tabs on her!!! 

If you are looking to get the same results as Kristy and interested in participating in the Train Like A Girl Transformation Program, make sure you fill out the form below so you are the first to know when registration starts! I will be opening up registration for the next TLAG Transformation Program soon! The next one starts at the end of April!!

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Why am I so HUNGRY?!?!?!

Last week a client of mine asked a very interesting question.

She told me that the other day that she was extremely HUNGRY. She said she ate all her planned meals but was still hungry and ended up eating a lot more than she usual does. She even started the day with eating a bar she got from our facility and was eating it as she was leaving the facility.

Her first question was, she wanted to know WHY she was so hungry and her second question was, is it OK that she kept eating.

First, I answered the second question and the answer is YES! If you are that hungry, and you have eaten all of your pre-planned meals, then absolutely, eat! Your body is telling you something and you need to listen to it. 

As for the WHY?

Well there can be many different reasons, but I’m willing to bet it was because of the training she did over the past couple of days that lead to this. This client’s training is planned around her marathon training, and with all that, she needs a lot of fuel to not only get her through her training, but through her day.

I know that when I have a heavy training day, the next day I am starving and when that happens, I eat more.

Now, this does not mean that if you are hungrier on some days you should go to the all-you-can-eat buffet and sit down for 5-6 hours or take advantage of all the sweets in the break room at work, but it does mean you should eat more.

Start by adding some more veggies. Then if needed, add some more fruit. If you are still hungry, add in some more lean protein, all the while drinking more and more water as the day goes on.

There will be days that you will not need the extra food, your body is content with the food you planned out and ate.

But there will also be days where you are going to need that extra food and you are going to want to eat more.

Don’t be afraid to eat more.

As long as you are sticking to whole foods, such as veggies, fruits and lean proteins, you should not feel guilty.

If you consistently have those days where you are feeling extremely hungry, take a look at your nutrition. You may need more food overall for everyday instead of just a day or two. 

Remember, food=fuel and your body needs fuel….give it what it wants. 🙂