Hitting 2 Goals in 2 Months

Over the past 2 months I have had 2 goals in mind.

  1. Get my weight down to 58kg (127.6lbs)
  2. Get 200 Snatch reps with the 12kg bell in 10 min at the Kettlebell competition in Austin this past weekend.

Excited to say that I achieved goal number 1. It was not quite that hard as I was already at 135 lbs starting on April 1st, but it was something I still had to work towards. (I like to eat :))

As for goal number 2, well that didn’t happen.

Am I upset?

Yes and No.

Yes, because hitting 200 Snatch reps with the 12kg in 10 minutes has be a goal of mine for quite a while.

But no, because not only did I compete in a weight class I have never been able to compete in before but I also still got a PR (personal record) of 178 for my reps while dropping down in the weight class and ONLY training for 2 months. So in short….I’m still pretty happy about this. 🙂

(Here is where I wanted to put the video of my set. Sadly because of some music copyright issues, it won’t let me. It should be fixed and up on here by tomorrow)

Sure, I have been using Kettlebells in my workouts since 2001, but I have not seriously trained in Kettlebell Sport in about 8 months. And just like everything else, once you stop using it, you will lose it. And for any of the other competitions I have competed in, I really didn’t train hard because I was just there to have fun and do the comp.

I decided I wanted to get serious about this competition for a couple of reasons. The first was because, as I have said in previous posts, I didn’t have any goals that I truly wanted to work for. Nothing seemed interesting to me to work towards. And this time around, training for the Kettlebell competition did. And the other reason….well that will be in my next post. (Stay tuned!)

I have a good list of goals now, half-way through 2015 LOL, but I still have them. 50% of them will be with the Kettlebell and 50% will be about vanity. But I will put in 100% of the work to achieve them and that is what it is all about.

Why Kettlebells???

There are a lot of pieces of equipment I use when I am training.
Barbells, bands, medicine balls, dumbbells, sandbags just to name a few.

And they all get me results.

But the one piece of equipment that I always go back to and use, almost, in every workout is the Kettlebell.








If you’re not familiar with the Kettlebell, as you can see it looks like a cannon ball or bowling ball with a handle.

To some it looks intimidating, but believe me, these bad boys can be tamed and in the end your workout is better for it!

There are MANY reasons to use the Kettlebell in your training, but here are just a few.

  1. Time







As a mom, wife and a business owner I sometimes don’t have an hour or even 30 min to get my training in. This, for me, is a problem. Training/working out is a way for me to have “Me time”, get rid of stress and of course stay in shape. With Kettlebells, I can get a complete whole body workout within 20 minutes. And yes by the end, I am sweatin’!

  1. Kettlebell Swings make the Booty!

all about that bass








My absolute favorite exercise with the Kettlebell is the Kettlebell Swing. One, it is a complete body move (if you do it correctly ;)). And two, it tones/shapes/lifts the butt like no other! Honestly, add Kettlebell Swings to your training and you will be thanking me when you put on those jeans!!

3.Strength and Cardio in One!

Female sweating










I love that I can use a Kettlebell not only for the strength portion of my workout like squats, deadlifts, pressing, etc. But I can use it as my cardio as well. As I said above, swings are my favorite exercise and I can use that exercise in an interval workout for anywhere to 10-20 minutes, getting my heart rate up. Again, I am then able to get my training in in under 30 minutes, if need be.

I have been training with Kettlebells since 2001 and even though I have used many more different tools/equipment over the past 14 years, I always go back to the awesome Kettlebell.

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It’s Baaaa-aaaaccckkk (Well, almost)

So in my first post after having Parker, Goals After Baby….6 Weeks After, I wrote about how during my pregnancy I actually LOST my butt. It shrunk, it went flat, it just went away.
I was not happy.

But no worries, it’s coming back!

photo (6)












How am I getting it back you ask?? Simple….Kettlebells! Swings and snatches are a girl’s best friend to get the best behind! It’s still a work in progress, but I am excited to see my body coming back.

Check back later in the week for some insight into what I am going to be doing training wise over the next 16 weeks!!

Goal #1-Completed

Well I did it! I completed my first goal which was to compete in my first Kettlebell competition this past Saturday (July 6th).











All in all I feel I did great. I walked away not only completing my first goal, but I placed 3rd place in my weight class. I wasn’t looking to place, I just wanted to go up there and finish my 10 min.

Now we are on to working towards my next goal…photo shoot!!! Except there is going to be a twist! I can’t talk about it right now, but once everything is set in stone…it’s going to be GREAT!!!!

Quitting IS Easy

Not exactly a sentence you would think would come out of my mouth…but it is true.
Some people will say…”I never quit” and I say…BULLSHIT! Why? Because everyone has a breaking point.

To quit all you have to do is stop. Stop what you are doing, put down what ever you are working with, walk away, never go back to it again, I could go on and on.  But in the end it IS easy to quit.

I wanted to quit about 2 weeks ago. I was doing a training set of snatches with the Kettlebell and NOTHING was feeling right. For the entire week I was not getting my numbers, I was feeling weak and to put it mildly I was sick and tired of all of it. So after a set, BJ watching/coaching me, I threw the bell down (which you just should never do…very disrespectful), looked him in the eyes and told him “I QUIT!”. Now I have said that before with my training, but this time I meant it. And at that moment I realized…it is easy to quit.

I mean I have been using these things (Kettlebells) for 12 years, I could snatch in my sleep….why could I not hit my numbers? BJ kept trying to remind me that I had just had a baby 6-7 weeks ago. Sorry but for me that is not an excuse, even though I have said that to many women who I have trained in the past that you must take your time getting back in the “swing of things” (no pun intended).  When it comes to certain things, such as Kettlebells, I expect a lot from myself.

Well as some of you know, because you have seen me in the gym, I did not quit. I didn’t walk away, I didn’t put the bell down, I went back the next day and started over again. I had to remember WHY I am doing this. One: I have goals. And I put all my goals out for all to see. I can’t workout/train with out goals…I get board and my training is weak. Two: If I quit what is that teaching my daughter? It’s OK to quit just because you don’t like the way things are going? Or that they are getting tough? If someone said that to me, even Parker, I would tell them…”Suck it up Buttercup!”.  And three: I would be letting myself down. Now that is not to say I am never going to not quit, but for today I sticking with my goals and working towards them even when I want to quit.

First Goal-Kettlebell Comp (How’s it goin’?)

So my last post I wrote about what my goals were going to be to ultimately get to my main goal which is getting my body back after having Parker. My first is the Kettlebell competition in Austin, TX on July 6th. At the competition I will be competing in the snatch event with the 12kg bell.
So how am I doing you ask???

Well to be honest the first couple of weeks sucked. 🙂 Not because I was getting back into it, but because I did not feel like I was making any improvement from day to day. My programming (which of course is done all by BJ) is perfect and how it should be, I just wasn’t hitting my numbers or minutes. Last week I declared to BJ that I quit. I basically threw the bell down and told him I quit. No worries he talked me out of it, and I will get more into why I felt that way in my next post.

This week has been so much better.  Hitting my numbers and feeling strong. Why is this week better? I’ll be honest I don’t know. It could be mentally I feel stronger. It could be physically I am able to go longer. It could be that I just have one more week behind me that I am post partum. I just don’t know. But I am OK with not knowing, because what I do know is I am one step closer, one week closer, one Kettlebell snatch closer to my first goal.