5 Ways To Blast Belly Bloat

Picture this….
You’re getting ready for a great night out.

Date night with the hubby?

A great night out with the girls? Maybe the first one since your little bundle of sweetness was born?

Or maybe, just staying in, the kids are away and you want to look great for that one and only.

Let’s face it, since you became a mom, dressing up and looking sexy hasn’t been high on the priority list, but this night you’re going all out.

You try on your outfit and UGH! There it is….that little pudgy area right below your belly button.

You are trying to put on those hot pair of jeans or a dress that hugs just right, and no matter how much you suck it in, it won’t go away.


All because of belly bloat.

Well believe it or not, there are healthy ways of getting rid of that and looking great. Here are just the top 5…

1. First and foremost, you have to plan!!!
Remember, failing to plan is a plan to fail. As corny as that may sound, it is so very true! If you know you are going to have a great night out on Friday, start planning your week on Monday, maybe even Sunday. You need to plan your food, your training, your water intake and even plan for surprises that may pop up. Planning, should be something you already do, but hey….even I sometimes go off my plan, so make sure you know what you are doing the week before.

2. Eliminate dairy from your diet.
I know exactly what you are going to say. “But Kori, I NEED my cottage cheese/creamer/Greek yogurt/put your favorite dairy food in here”. And my first response is, you don’t NEED dairy. You NEED oxygen and water, everything else is just a bonus ;). By eliminating dairy, you can help reduce the inflammation and bloating. Many people, whether they realize it or not are lactose intolerant to some degree. Better to be safe than sorry.

3. Eliminate ALL processed foods.
Basically if it comes in a box, can or jar…..ditch it for the week. All processed foods contain extra things such as extra sugar, chemicals, sodium and Lord knows what else to keep it “safe” and edible. All those “extras” make us bloated. Keep the chemicals out and then fresh food in.

Processed foods are usually high in simple carbohydrates, remember as mom who’s serious about looking good and building that milf-i-licous body, you need to eat carbohydrates to fuel your training. But, these simple and highly processed carbohydrates do nothing to help us look sexy and can make you retain water like a sponge.

4. Make sure you are getting at least 1/2 gallon of water a day.
To some this is easy, it may be even less than you usually get, if it is then drink more. But for those who don’t drink anywhere near a gallon, start working your way up. Start off by adding 2 extra glasses of water a day. By the end of the week, you will hit that ½ gallon, if not more. By getting all this water, you are flushing everything out and keeping yourself hydrated. A lot of times hunger is actually brought on not because you are hungry, but because you are dehydrated.

Ultimately, once you consistently hit your ½ gallon start working for a full gallon per day.

5. Make sure you get your training in and your sweat on.
This is sort of a no-brainer to some, but it’s a good one to remember. Training causes muscle to hold “tone” and this helps you fit that “skinny fat” look… you know, you look smaller and fit in clothes but in the mirror you’re just a smaller version of your old flabby self? We’ve all be there.

So there you go. 5 easy steps to help get rid of that belly bloat. But, don’t just look at this for only special occasions or to look good only on the weekends.

You can, and should try to, look sexy and hot all the time. It’s great for your confidence and it’s OK to admit that it feels good to know you look good!

With the right fitness and nutrition program this is much simpler than most people think. I went from post-pregnancy to bikini competition with an average of 3 workouts a week…I didn’t have time for any more, and I know you don’t either!

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Learning from a Mistake, the Hard Way

I seriously thought about not writing this post. I mean, who would know, right? I could have just skipped this one and gone on talking about my next goals or another nutrition/fitness tip. But, then not only would I be cheating you (those who read) but I would be greatly cheating myself. As much as I hate to admit things like this, this is where I will become stronger.
A couple months ago I wrote about deciding not to do the bikini competition in September. I was 2 weeks out and I was not ready. Or I should say my “bikini body” was not ready. It was a difficult decision but one I was OK with.

I knew I was going to work my tail off and do a bikini competition on December 6th.

And I did.

I worked and trained and dedicated all my “training energy” to my December 6th comp. Well 2 days before the comp I had to make a decision. Was I (or my body) ready to hit the stage in a bikini and be judged?

Sadly, that answer is “No” and I had to decide not to compete for this one either.

This was taken on Friday, Dec 5th. I am going to admit, I don’t look bad. I will even say I think I look pretty damn good, but not “bikini competition” good and there is a huge difference.

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (9)








To say I feel like a complete and utter failure is an understatement. During my pregnancy I had decided on a bunch of goals to reach and get me back into “pre-baby body” shape and I have hit them all. And, like had have said previously, I NEED goals to work towards to keep me going. I decided to set my goals at doing more shows. So why am I failing and deciding a second time in a row NOT to do a comp? Especially so close to the show?

Simple answer…I got fancy.

When I say “fancy” I don’t mean with my training?

No, my training was on par, but fancy with my nutrition.

During the 8 months leading up to my first comp, my coach and I kept it simple. Lean protein, veggies and post workout carbs with “Reward meals” here and there. Was it boring as hell?


Did it work?


But, after my second comp, I talked with my coach about my future goals and we decided to switch things up a bit nutrition wise. Then when that seemed to not work, we decided to switch it up even more. It just wasn’t working. I also believe my body has been under so much stress from the training and all the dieting throughout the year that nothing at this time would have worked.

So, as I said above, I decided to not compete.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with stress, or I should say overstressed, on the body, it can lead to increases of cortisol in the body which in turn leads to belly fat. This belly fat is extremely hard to get rid of while your body is under this stress.)

So what now?

Well, I will say I took this past weekend to sulk a little, I ate pizza, ice cream and some cookies.

Remember…I am an emotional eater. LOL!

I took the time to really decide WHAT I want to do. Do I want to try again and go for another show? Do I want to do all that training and dieting again? I’ll be honest…I don’t know.

Of course I’m going to train, I just don’t know what for right now. I have some ideas, but I’m going to give it some thought. Right now I have about a month that I will not be able to train heavily.

I will be having a surgery in about 1.5 weeks (nothing serious…just cosmetic) so I will be taking that time to think about what I want to do. I can tell you I WILL get back on that stage, just don’t know if I want that to be soon or this time next year or maybe even 2016.

So basically all of that is one long, drawn out way of saying “This is what I learned…”

1. Use the K.I.S.S method. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!!!  Everyone wants to do the “next big thing” whether it be diet or training. If you are getting results, why look someplace else?

2. It’s not fun to fail (and yes that is what I did) but you need to own up to those failures and figure out WHY you failed. I did and now I’m working on getting back to my success.

3.  Keep going. By the time Friday morning rolled around I was done. I wanted to nothing to do with training or eating healthy or living a “healthy lifestyle”(like I said…I sulked). But I know that if I quit now, I would never know if I could get back on that stage.

Over the next 4 weeks I am making a commitment to myself to blog weekly, if not more. I need to make this commitment to strive to be better even when I can’t be at my best.

Goal #1-Completed

Well I did it! I completed my first goal which was to compete in my first Kettlebell competition this past Saturday (July 6th).











All in all I feel I did great. I walked away not only completing my first goal, but I placed 3rd place in my weight class. I wasn’t looking to place, I just wanted to go up there and finish my 10 min.

Now we are on to working towards my next goal…photo shoot!!! Except there is going to be a twist! I can’t talk about it right now, but once everything is set in stone…it’s going to be GREAT!!!!

Quitting IS Easy

Not exactly a sentence you would think would come out of my mouth…but it is true.
Some people will say…”I never quit” and I say…BULLSHIT! Why? Because everyone has a breaking point.

To quit all you have to do is stop. Stop what you are doing, put down what ever you are working with, walk away, never go back to it again, I could go on and on.  But in the end it IS easy to quit.

I wanted to quit about 2 weeks ago. I was doing a training set of snatches with the Kettlebell and NOTHING was feeling right. For the entire week I was not getting my numbers, I was feeling weak and to put it mildly I was sick and tired of all of it. So after a set, BJ watching/coaching me, I threw the bell down (which you just should never do…very disrespectful), looked him in the eyes and told him “I QUIT!”. Now I have said that before with my training, but this time I meant it. And at that moment I realized…it is easy to quit.

I mean I have been using these things (Kettlebells) for 12 years, I could snatch in my sleep….why could I not hit my numbers? BJ kept trying to remind me that I had just had a baby 6-7 weeks ago. Sorry but for me that is not an excuse, even though I have said that to many women who I have trained in the past that you must take your time getting back in the “swing of things” (no pun intended).  When it comes to certain things, such as Kettlebells, I expect a lot from myself.

Well as some of you know, because you have seen me in the gym, I did not quit. I didn’t walk away, I didn’t put the bell down, I went back the next day and started over again. I had to remember WHY I am doing this. One: I have goals. And I put all my goals out for all to see. I can’t workout/train with out goals…I get board and my training is weak. Two: If I quit what is that teaching my daughter? It’s OK to quit just because you don’t like the way things are going? Or that they are getting tough? If someone said that to me, even Parker, I would tell them…”Suck it up Buttercup!”.  And three: I would be letting myself down. Now that is not to say I am never going to not quit, but for today I sticking with my goals and working towards them even when I want to quit.