Planning for Your Goals

I hope you had a great weekend! And if you are a mother, either to a human or fur baby, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day as well 🙂

We had a great weekend. It rained all weekend, but because of that we got a lot of things done inside the house.

I also checked in with all of the busy moms I work with, something I do every weekend so that they know what they have to do to get ready for the week ahead with meal prep and/or training and to make sure they are on the right track to meeting their goals.

In simple terms….plan!

See I believe the quote above.

If you have a goal but don’t make a plan to reach that goal, it’s simply a wish.

And as simple as it sounds to make and keep a plan, it’s not always that simple.

One busy mom in particular is having a bit of a hard time planning her week and getting her meal prep and training in.

It’s not her fault, she’s not being lazy, actually very far from that. See she is a new mom, a wife, has a full-time job that she just went back to and wants to get back to her pre-baby body.

That’s a lot for 1 person.

But it seems that every time she plans out her week, something comes up and pushes everything aside. Mostly being her training and meal prep.

So this weekend we talked about her schedule and if she could pick 2 days, yes only 2 right now, that she could train and meal prep, what 2 days would that be?

She felt that M-F were out of the question right now. It’s just not in the cards. I agreed with her. I mean why set a plan to work out Mondays and Wednesdays, as an example, if you know it’s not going to work and you are just setting yourself up for failure and becoming upset.

So we decided that the weekends are her best bet for not only training but meal prep. Then as the week goes on, IF and only IF she has time, she will get a third training session in or a nice walk.

That is her plan for this week. She will train and meal prep over the weekend and if she can, get in another training session or walk.

Will that be the plan always?


Next week might change completely. It all depends on if this plan works and if her schedule changes or not. But we know for this week, this is what the plan is.

This is just one of the pieces of the fat loss puzzle I give the busy moms I work with. We come up with a plan for them, each busy mom is different, and then I keep them accountable to that plan. If the plan doesn’t work or stops working, we adjust until we find what does work.

Then we keep chugging along, adjusting as needed, until they hit their goal.

So what is your plan for hitting your goals? I’d love to hear it!

Have a great day!

What Every Woman’s Goal Should Be…

Happy Thursday!!

I hope you are having a great week!

Mine has been pretty great but P (my daughter) woke up with a slight fever and cough. So I gave her some Motrin and she seemed to feel fine. Fever gone and she was running around. There was no way I was keeping her home LOL. Now I am so praying I don’t get a call from the school nurse.

The other day I was talking to one fo the busy moms I work with and she was telling me that for the first time in a really long time she felt good about herself.

Not only did she feel good about herself, but she feels very confident in her own skin.

So of course I told her how proud I am of her for not only feeling that way, but actually saying it out loud. Because sadly not many women will shout it from the rooftops that they feel good about themselves. Which I think they should every single day!

See I know how she and many other women feel or have felt when they didn’t feel comfortable in their own skin.

I didn’t want to go anywhere.

I didn’t want to wear any clothes that were too tight, or too tight for my liking.

And I didn’t want to feel like that.

I wanted to be and stay confident in my own skin!!

Or as the quote above says….I want to be OBSESSED with feeling confident in my own skin.

And that is what I did.

Instead of looking at the negatives I had, such as the scale being higher than I would like or the clothes being a little too tight than I would like or even seeing some extra around my belly, I didn’t let that mess with my obsession of being comfortable in my own skin.

When all of that happened, I decided to love myself and work on being a HEALTHIER me, not just a SMALLER or LEANER me.

When I switched my mindset, the whole game changed and I was not only feeling better and I was reaching my goals faster.

It’s crazy what a positive mindset can do for a person.

And that is exactly what happened with the busy mom I spoke about above. She decided to change her focus to becoming healthier which in turn made her thoughts more positive, her results come faster and her thoughts about herself become more positive.

I love it when this all happens because that is where the magic is.

This is one of many pieces of the puzzle that is weight loss that I coach in my Train Like A Girl Sweatpants to Skinny Jeans solution.

If you would like to know more about the program, comment below “Give me more!”.

Hope you have a great day!

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Some Real Talk About Cheat Meals (VIDEO)

TGIF! That is all I have to say!

Even though this was a shortened week, it seems a lot longer than usual. I’m excited for the weekend to be here!

And with the weekend being here that is usually when “cheat meals” or “reward meals” happen.

Nothing wrong with that!

But sometimes people have those “cheat meals” and then feel like they have messed up their whole week of hard work.

I know I have felt that way!

So I decided to make a quick video on that very subject and give some “Real Talk” about what happens to your weeks when you do have a “cheat meal” or two.

Do you feel like this after having a cheat meal?

If you do, how do you get over it? Comment below!


Hey guys Kori with train like a girl here where I help busy moms lose up to 15 pounds in six weeks without spending hours in the gym, or going on any restrictive fad diets.

So today I’m going to show you what I like to call my Band-a-palooza workout.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes. So again, it’ll be for those days that you have the time in your schedule but what I really love about this workout is that you can do it anywhere meaning if you’re going on vacation or if you have to travel a lot for work. Resistance bands are a great thing to take with you. They fit in a backpack I’ve even put this in my purse. Now I have a bigger purse but a suitcase you could take this anywhere and of course it gets through tsa like that. So no worries.

So today we’re gonna be doing six different exercises all with the band. You’re going to be doing 10 reps for each exercise and you can go on for 20 to 30 minutes depending on what you have time for. If you have time for less than maybe only do, 15 if you have time for more you can do you know 40-45 minutes.

Again, this is what I love about banned workouts!

Exercise #1 Banded front squats

  • So you’re gonna take the band step into it. We’re gonna reverse scroll it up and place it on our shoulders so kind of like a backpack. I like to hold a band right at my neck. Biggest reason why you let it go it could you could choke yourself. And like any other squat weight is gonna be on your heels sit back drive those heels to stand up. Nice proud chest the entire time.

Exercise #2 Banded shoulder presses

  • Again, you’re going to step into the band. You’re going to reverse curl it up abs are tight. We’re gonna press up and then come back down, press up and then come back down. Again, making sure you’re pressing all the way up and coming all the way down. Don’t cheat yourself!

Exercise #3 A Banded suitcase deadlift.

  • So you’re gonna take the band place it on the ground step onto both I guess you could say strands of the band so that you make actual like little handles. Slight bend in your knees, abs are tight. We’re gonna stand up, proud chest, your shoulders are back and then come back down again, slight bend in your knees. Make sure you don’t round that back, but fold at your hips.

Exercise #4 Banded bent over rows

  • Again, you’re gonna place the band onto the floor step on both sides. Again, you’re gonna have the handles. You’re gonna fold at your hips, abs are tight, neutral spine Elbows are gonna be nice and tight to your body. Elbows up towards the ceiling back down again squeezing your shoulder blades as you pull up. Make sure not to round your back or arch it. Neutral spine.

Exercise #5 Banded hammer curls

  • Place one strand of the band on the floor. Gonna stand up palms are actually going to be facing each other so if you’d open up your palms, they’d be facing each other you’re grabbing onto the band and all you do is curl up and then back down. Making sure you’re getting all the way down and all the way up.

Exercise #6 Banded tricep extensions

  • Place the band in put one foot on the band step through with the other foot. We’re gonna bring the band up into it press both hands are gonna be close together. Elbows nice and tight to your head. Don’t let it flare out elbows nice and tight to your head we come back and then press up. Again, keeping that though your abs tight, but is tight working those triceps.

Alright guys, so again, that was my Band-a-Palooza workout. Again, you just need one resistance band, ten reps of each and you’re just gonna go through it as many times as you can in twenty to thirty minutes or whatever you have time allotted for.

Take breaks when needed don’t try to wear yourself out.

Also, if you like a downloadable PDF of this workout, make sure you click the link below.

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Thanks guys

My Journey: A quick update!

I’ve been MIA with my updates, and I apologize for that.

I did fall off the wagon a bit with my food, but my training has been on par.

This past Monday I decided I needed to nip my nutrition in the bud and joined 20 other clients in my Train Like A Girl 6 week Clean & Lean Reboot.

For 6 weeks the goal is to not only train consistently but eat ONLY real food. That means nothing processed and nothing that comes from a box and/or bag.

And in just 4 days, Monday morning to this morning (Friday), I am AMAZED with the results!!!

I mean I am a big believer of only eating whole, real food and that is what I teach and coach to my clients, but sometimes I do forget how much of a difference it can be when taking out all processed foods.

The biggest difference I see is in my most difficult area to lose from, and for most women, and that is the lower abdominal area. Processed foods just make me bloat like no other!

I have not stepped on the scale and I don’t plan to. Pictures are a better way of showing results.

I am excited to see what my results will be in the next 5 weeks!

VIDEO: TRX Workout!!

Hey everyone Kori with Train Like A Girl here where I help busy moms was up to 15 pounds of six weeks without spending hours in the gym or going on any restrictive fad diets.

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Hey everyone, Kori with Train Like A Girl.

So today I’m going to show you a very simple workout you can do either at home or on vacation in a hotel with a TRX Suspension Trainer.

Now if you don’t have one, no worries I’ll put a link in the description below so you can click on all click on it and see what they’re all about. But I love these. They are super simple and you can put them in your suitcase if need be.

Now I have mine attached to our rig, but no worries there if you don’t have anything to attach it like I have it. You can actually buy a little contraption that fits into your door and it shows you exactly how to use it.

So let’s get to it!

The workouts gonna consist of five different exercises. You’re gonna do each exercise for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds a total of four rounds or 20 minutes super simple.

So for exercise number one we’re gonna do is a TRX squat. You’re gonna walk back, abs are tight. Hold on to the handles. Nice deep squat drive through the heel stand up. You really don’t want to use your arms to pull yourself up you’re just using it to hold on.

Exercise 2 is TRX rows. I love these because they’re great for pulling those shoulders back and make it a nice well-defined back. Let yourself fall away from the TRX, abs are tight, butt is tight We’re gonna squeeze those blades as we pull our elbows down and back. You want to make sure you’re not letting yourself fall back but controlling yourself all the way down.

Exercise 3 is the TRX pushup. I’m going to turn myself away from where the TRX is fastened to. Up on our toes, abs are tight, butt is tight and arms straight out in front of us. Come down push yourselves up. Come down push ourselves up. Keep those elbows nice and tight to the body. If where your feet are located It’s a little too hard take a small step forward. It’ll make it a little bit easier.

Exercise number 4 TRX hamstring curls. You’re going to place your feet into the straps, lie down on your back and keep your butt tight. Lift those hips up bring those heels to your butt make sure those hips do not drop every time you curl in.

Exercise number 5 TRX plank crunches, we’re gonna place our feet the tops of our feet into he straps. Push up on to your hands into a push-up plank position, abs are tight, butt is tight and knees into the chest.

Those are the five exercises. Again, you’re gonna do each exercise 30 seconds of work 30 seconds of rest, go through it four times twenty minutes. If you want to make it a little bit longer.

go through it five, six times. But I promise you you’re gonna have a great great workout. I’m already kind of losing my breath.

Make sure you click on the subscribe button below. I have a ton of other exercise videos I’m gonna be posting in the near future, of course Nutrition as well.

Thanks guys



VIDEO: Your Green Smoothie Might Be Why You Are Gaining Weight!

Believe it or not even though your green smoothies can be very healthy. They could also be the reason why you’re gaining weight!

Hey, everyone Kori with Train Like A Girl here where I help busy moms lose up to 15 pounds in six weeks without spending hours in the gym or restrictive fad diets.

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So let’s get to it!

Everyone knows that green smoothies can be a healthy and great way to get not only a meal in but all your veggies for that one day in. But just as they can be super healthy, they can also pack a lot of calories in just one shake.

So how do we stop that from happening?

It’s all about the steps you take in making that that smoothie.

When I make my smoothies I always start off with with the liquid. Most of time I use water but I do use sometimes almond milk or cashew milk.

Next I move on to the veggies. You can’t go wrong with with spinach. And then I also throw in some carrots just to get some extra vitamins and nutrients.

Next I knew my protein powder. Now if you’re not big on protein powder or you don’t want to use it, that’s perfectly fine.

After that, I put in my my fruit. I tend to go with bananas because it makes a little bit more creamy and frozen berries to also get that sweetness and to give it the consistency I want for the smoothie.

And then last but not least. I you I added my fats or extra add-ins. Now this is where it gets tricky and this is where a lot of the calories can add up very fast. So when you’re adding in your fats or other extras, you want to make sure that you limit it to one.

Sometimes do about a quarter to a half of an avocado or 1 to 2 teaspoons of chia seeds depending on the day. You can also use nut butters or something of that sort, but this is where you want to make sure you don’t add in too much.

I’ve seen it time and time, I’ve done it time and time again to many adding too many high-calorie ingredients to your healthy green smoothie and before you know it it you you end up with a smoothie that’s a 1000, 1500 or even 2,000 calories.

That’s a lot!

I mean I get it there’s there healthy foods, right? Some of them are even considered super-foods. We have to remember even these healthy super foods contain calories and a lot of them in such a small serving.

So you need to watch out how much you put in.

Again, I suggest one either fat or extra add ins.

Hope this helps when you’re making your green smoothies, but if you want a simple way to make sure your green smoothies don’t contribute to you gaining weight, make sure you download my Train Like A Girl Clean & Lean Shake Guide.

In it I go step by step on how to make your smoothies and everything that you need to put in it to make sure you’re getting a great nutritious healthy smoothie but not putting so much into it that you have a full day’s worth of calories in one shake.

Lastly if you feel like this information is helpful and would like more make sure you hit the subscribe button below and please feel free to leave a comment below about what you put in your smoothies and don’t forget to hit the thumbs up.

Thanks guys

VIDEO – What should I eat BEFORE training???

This is a question I get a lot from moms and women who want to train but are either scared to eat before training or just don’t know what to eat before training.

Check out my video below to find out the answer to what to eat BEFORE you train!!

So this is the biggest question, believe it or not, I get about nutrition.

Hey everyone Kori with Train Like A Girl here where I help busy moms was up to 15 pounds of six weeks without spending hours in the gym or going on any restrictive fad diets.

So before we get started with one of the biggest questions that I get about nutrition, I want to ask if you like this video and then the information in it to make sure you hit the subscribe button below. This way you will get all the latest latest training information on nutrition and fitness.

So the biggest question I get about nutrition is What do I eat before I train?

There is a lot of information out there and a lot of people want to make it seem like it’s so complicated. You know, you should eat this amount, you know X amount of minutes before you train. Then you have to eat this and you have to eat that. It’s not really that complicated.

It’s not complicated at all.

So what should you eat?

Whatever meal is planned that day before your training session.

So if you if you’re planning out your week and you plan what you are going to have for lunch and you are going to be training mid-afternoon and lunch. You know that you’re gonna have you know Chicken salad, and you know an apple then that’s what you have.

A lot of people want to make it seem so complicated that you have to have all these ingredients. But really you just need to have fuel.

So one of the things that I always tell people all my clients is pick your lean protein and pick your veggie and if you want some fruit in there. That’s perfectly fine. But The lean protein and the veggie. Those are the two things that you want.

Now if you’re training first thing in the morning, the last thing you want to do is try to get up extra early to get in a meal. So I always tell my clients pick something that you know is gonna sit well in your stomach but also get you through your training session. I also make want to make sure that they have a great dinner beforehand especially if you’re training about five six o’clock in the morning.

So now along with “What should I eat before I train?” I also get the question is well how far in advance do I need or what’s the time between eating and training?

Simple answer… Whatever works for you.

I know people who can eat a six-course meal get up from that table and go have an intense training session.

That is not me.

I know people that need at least two hours between eating and training.

I myself about one hour to one and a half hours. Depending on what my training is.

But I will say try not to go more than two and a half hours between eating your meal and training.

So I hope this helps when you’re planning your your meals for next week or and so on and your meals before your training.

I would love to know what do you eat before you train?

So make sure you comment below and tell me also make sure you watch out for the Video for next week is what should I eat After I train?

If you feel like this information is is good and you want more make sure you hit the subscribe button below and Please feel free to comment and give this video a thumbs up. Thanks guys. Have a great day

VIDEO: My Journey: Update 8/17/18

I have made some major changes to my training and nutrition over the past 3 weeks and it has paid off!!!

I’ve lost 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks and I feel better then I have in a long time.

Watch the video below to see how I have changed things and why GLUTEN was one of the major changes!!!

VIDEO: “How Many Meals Should I Eat A Day for Fat Loss??”

“How many meals should I eat a day for fat loss??”

This is a question I get a lot.

There is so much information out there about this subject and it can get very confusing. Especially when most of the info is so contradicting!

In this video I break down how many meals you should have and why!