10 Weeks Out Update!!!

So here is my update at 10 weeks out.

I’ve been working towards my goal for 6 weeks now, and I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made in just 6 weeks.

Here is my progress pic. The picture on the left is from this morning and the picture on the right is from two weeks ago.

Kori 8916









As you can see, there is a slight change since my “12 weeks out” update.

A little less around the lower abdominal area, which is great, but it’s time to lean out a lot more.

So starting today I am going to make a couple of simple changes to my nutrition to see if I can make even more of a change in the next 2 weeks.

I won’t be changing much, but it will be enough to hopefully give me the boost I need.

Hope you stick with me for the next 10 weeks to see WHAT I’m working towards and how my progress goes. 🙂
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Update: 12 Weeks Out!

I am 4 weeks in to my 16 week goal, and I’m really excited about my results so far.

Here is an updated pic. The one on the left is from this morning and the one on the right is from 2 weeks ago.

Kori 72616










The scale hasn’t moved very much, about 3 pounds, but as I have said before…the scale lies!

I can tell I’m getting stronger, my clothes are getting loser and as you can see in the pics, I’m definitely getting leaner!

I’m seeing great results in my lower abdominal area, which I have always had a problem with when it comes to losing fat.

Over the next 2 weeks I am going to change up my nutrition just a little. Not much, but enough to have some amazing things happen over the next few weeks.

One thing I will say, I have been eating A LOT more than I thought I would be….and I love it! LOL

So make sure you check back in 2 more weeks to see how changing up my nutrition changes my physique!

14 Weeks Out Update!!

Two weeks ago I posted my before pics for my new goal that I am working towards.

Here is a quick update on my progress so far….

The pick on the left (black sports bra) is from this morning and the pic on the right is from 2 weeks ago.

Kori 71216









I am SUPER excited about my results in just 2 weeks!

I have been really sticking to my nutrition, even giving myself some planned cheat meals, and I’m putting my all into my training.

Now I know what you are probably wondering…

Did the scale go down?

In all honesty?

Not really. In fact about a week ago I was UP 3 pounds!

I was getting anxious, thinking I needed to change what I was doing. But then I took a step back and decided that I needed to give this a good 2 weeks and let the pics show my progress, not the scale.

And as you can see, I AM leaning out, despite what the scale is saying.

When I weighed myself this morning, I was back to where I started 2 weeks ago. So that is telling me I am going in the right direction.

As for WHY the scale went up?

Well, I do have a theory on that one.

I have said many times before, if I don’t have my nutrition planned out (and again, I’m NOT talking about a diet), then I either go two ways.

  1. I eat anything and everything! Usually a bunch of crap or just a lot of food in general.
  2. I hardly eat anything, just enough to curb any hunger. It’s not that I’m trying to not eat, but just like anyone, I can get very busy and by the time I realize I’m hungry, I probably missed about 2-3 meals. That is NOT good.

So I am thinking this time around I was not eating enough prior to starting my nutrition and therefore, because I had increased the amount of food/calories, I gained scale pounds. But then my metabolism realized I wasn’t trying to starve myself anymore (even unintentionally) and kicked in resulting in the 3 pound loss to back to starting weight.

I know as the weeks go on, not only will I see results with the pics but also the scale.

I just have to be patient and stick with it.

I have 14 weeks to meet my goal and I’m so happy with how everything is going so far.
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Recipe: Cauliflower Rice

Over the past couple of months Cauliflower Rice has become a huge staple in our weekly food/meal prepping.

If you have never tried it, you need to!

I love it for many reasons…

  1. It seriously tastes just like rice, but without the added starch that I don’t always need some days.
  2. I love that you use the whole head of cauliflower. I hate throwing away the stems because I feel I am wasting a lot of good food. With this, you don’t need to waste anything!
  3. My daughter loves it! Always good to find new veggies she likes 🙂
  4. It’s simple to make and lasts all week in the fridge.

I have seen a lot of different ways you can make cauliflower rice, but here is the simple way I do.

Cut the cauliflower up into small chunks.











Put them in the food processor and pulse until the cauliflower has the “look” of rice. Make sure you don’t do it too long or the cauliflower will turn into mush.

cauliflower 1









Add about 1 inch of water to a large pot and bring to a boil. Add the cauliflower rice. You will want to stir it around and then cover and let simmer for about 5-10 minutes.

cauliflower 2









I then drain the cauliflower rice.

Once done, you have endless possibilities to add to your daily meals.

My favorite is making a “stir fry” and adding chicken, cut up veggies and a little bit of soy sauce.

Mmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

Hope you give this a try and let me know how you like it!

My 3 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes: Mistake #2

Last week I posted Mistake #1 that I have done with my nutrition.

That mistake being, that I was always on some sort of diet.

Here is Mistake #2…

Make sure you check back next week for the final nutrition mistake!!

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Not Letting My Weight Define ME!!!

If you’re like me, getting on the scale is not the happiest thing in the world to do.

And a lot of times you let that number determine your mood for the next day or two.

Especially if it’s not a number you want to see.


What does that number have ANYTHING to do with you?

OK, sure, if you have been killing it at the gym. Eating clean. Doing EVERYTHING right, yet that scale isn’t moving.

It can be frustrating as hell.


Does that number make you a failure if it’s not what you want?

Does that number show how much work you actually have put in?

Does that number define who you are as a person?


And to prove my point I wanted to show you something.

Here is what I weighed this morning…

5616 4










Now, here are pics from this morning as well…

5616 3










Do I LOOK 140?

I don’t think so.

Have I been working hard?


But is the scale showing everything?

Is the scale DEFINING who I am???

Absolutely NOT!!!!

On average I wear a size 4-6.

I am stronger than I have been in quite awhile.

And I am healthier!

A couple of weeks ago I attended a meeting with other fitness professionals. One of the presentations was all about mindset and how it affects you in everything you do.

During that presentation the presenter, Justin, talked about how he tells his clients that what the scale says does not DEFINE you.

It doesn’t tell you who I am.

All it says is this is what I weigh.

And I really loved that. I love the message that sends.

For the longest time, I did let what the scale said define me.

When I used to weigh myself and I didn’t like the number, I felt like I was walking around with it tattooed on my face the whole day.

That people would look at me and and just know what I weighed.

And I actually cared what people thought if they found out.

Even if I looked great and was fitting into smaller clothes.

That number on the scale was controlling too much of me.

Now that I have that mindset that the scale does not define who I am…it is such a huge relief!

It was a huge “a-ha” moment I had when he said that and I absolutely love it!

Next time you step on the scale….

Make sure you are looking at that number and understanding that it is ONLY a number.

Make sure you remind yourself that number is not showing you all your progress.

Make sure you are not letting the number on the scale DEFINE you.



Mentality Makeover: Be proud AGAIN for what you have accomplished!

Kori BA










These pics came up on my Facebook timeline a couple of days ago.

The pic on the left is from April 25th, 2013, the morning I went in to have my daughter. The pic on the right was taken in April 2014, 50 weeks after I had my daughter.

It was at my first bikini competition.

This was a goal of mine to help me lose the baby weight.

I absolutely love these pics.

I think this came to me at a really great time.

A time where it not only shows just what hard work can do for you, but it helps me remind myself just how far I have come.

And I think that is one of my biggest issues I need to work on.

I’m always looking to reach the next goal or looking to find a next goal, that I never sit back and appreciate all the hard work I do put in.

I also know I am not the only one who does this.

Most people I know are always striving to become better.

Striving for the next accomplishment.

Now, this is not bad in anyway, but if you are always looking forward towards the next goal, you will never appreciate what you have accomplished.

So I give you a challenge for the next couple of days.

Think back to a time where you hit a goal and was extremely proud of yourself.

Maybe it was fitting into an old pair of jeans you haven’t worn in months/years.

Maybe it was finishing a 5k/10k/half-marathon/etc, that you trained hard for.

Maybe it was hitting a PR with an exercise.

Whatever it is, think back to it and remember that feeling.

Be proud again for what you have accomplished!

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2 Weeks After Being Back on the Nutrition Wagon

Two weeks ago I decided I needed to take back control of my nutrition after being on vacation.

I had let myself eat like I was still on vacation, and it was leading me down a path in which all my hard work would be gone and I’d be starting over.

Well here is where I am at after 2 weeks…

4116 4116 1










Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited with my results!

Now my results aren’t huge.

Meaning, I didn’t lose 20 pounds or drop 4 dress sizes, but I can tell a big difference in my lower abdominal area and I did lose about 3 pounds on the scale.

But, this has only been 2 weeks and I can see a difference in the pictures and the definition around my abdominal area.

And let’s be honest, once we start seeing that, we know we are going in the right direction! 😉

And the great thing about it is, I didn’t make HUGE changes, just got back on track with my nutrition.

One thing I have done, and I’ll go more into my nutrition in a post in a couple of weeks, is I added a ton more veggies.

I’ve always ate a good amount of veggies, but these past two weeks I’ve incorporated more at each meal. It’s really been a great addition for me not only body composition wise, but also energy level wise.

Make sure you check back next week to see how I’m still doing with keeping my nutrition on track! I’m really going to up my game this coming week and see what I can achieve!



Getting Out of “Vacation Eating” Mode

It’s been about 2 weeks from getting back from our little vacation.

As I had posted previously, taking the vacation was a lifesaver for me. Not just because I was able to give my body some much needed R&R, but also because I was able to give my mind the R&R it needed as well.

Coming back I have been energized and excited to get back into things.

But….one thing that has decided to stay with me since being on vacation, is my nutrition.

I’m not eating the rich foods that I did in Southern California, but my nutrition hasn’t been exactly on par. And with me having to shoot some videos in 3 weeks, keeping up with my nutrition this way…”Eating like an a$$hole”, as a good friend calls it, is not an option.

So to keep myself accountable for the next 3 weeks, I am posting “before” pics.

Here is this morning.

Kori 31716 1

Kori 31716








I’m not unhappy with how I look, but I know I need to tighten my nutrition up. Not only for the videos I’m shooting, but also because I know with me, if my nutrition isn’t on par, it can become a VERY slippery slope. (Make sure you come back next week to see what I mean)

I need to make some changes, not big ones, but small changes that I know will help me.

Such as….

  • Getting in more water!
    • I will be posting later about this, but it is amazing what adding more water can do for not only your body composition, but also overall health.
  • Upping those fruits and veggies.
    • Again, another “no-brainer”, but adding both of these can help with cravings and keep you full longer. aka…no junk food binges!

For the next few weeks, I’m going to keep posting pics to keep myself accountable. I know it may sound funny, but this helps me greatly!

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Plateaus=Frustration=Bad Decisions

It’s usually something everyone who is on some fat loss program goes through at least once during their journey.

I know for me it happens and I have seen it with just about everyone I have worked with.


UGH…you have such momentum and doing so great and then BAM!, you’re either stuck and not losing anymore fat or you might actually be gaining.


The plateauing usually leads to two reactions.

  1. You get so freaking mad you start eating EVERYTHING in sight. You don’t care, you’re just mad. And maybe it’s because of this you just give up thinking you will ever lose the fat.
  2. You start training more AND cutting your calories significantly. Thinking that this is what is going to get you to your goal.

But in all honesty, neither is a good reaction and neither will get you to your goals. I especially don’t like it when people have a reaction like #2. This one leads to false hope, because cutting even more calories will help you lose weight (not fat) but then it will come back like a vengeance! And all the extra training and very low calories, will lead to injuries.

So before you react you need to ask yourself 1 question.

WHY is this happening???

I mean, if you’re following your fitness and nutrition program to a “T”, you should still be seeing a loss right?

In a perfect world, yes.

For me the reason “why” I hit those plateaus (and most everyone who does) is because my body is telling me “HEY! You need to take a break!”. I have done this long enough to know exactly why my body is plateauing.

As I have said in previous posts, people who are on perpetual diets, training 4, 5, maybe even 6 days a week and pushing their bodies to the extreme, don’t always reach their goals.

You need to give your body a break.

A break from “dieting”, or even just clean eating, and a break from training so much.

Take for instance my client Sarah.

For about 3 weeks, over December, Sarah hit a fat loss plateau. Weight wasn’t creeping back up, but it wasn’t going down either.

She was doing everything correctly.

So we took a step back and looked at what she needed to change.

Her training was great, only training 3 days per week and doing a day or two of light cardio. So that didn’t need to change.

Then we looked at her nutrition and decided to change just 1 thing.

That’s another thing a lot of people will do. Change a bunch of things and then if it’s working or if it’s not, they don’t know what is contributing to it.

That one change?

I told her to ease up on her nutrition over the holidays. Enjoy herself, but don’t go over board.

Just that little change up lead her to lose another 4 pounds!!

Her body was thankful for the change and the extra calories. And then after the new year, she was right back on her nutrition program and is still making great strides.

So next time you hit that ever frustrating plateau, don’t react harshly and either starve yourself or sit down to a 24 hour buffet. Instead, take a look at what you are doing and decide to make one change. It may be the right one, it may not, but once you make it and know the results, you can either keep going or change something else.

I wish I could say once you hit a plateau adding calories will help you greatly, but not everyone’s body reacts that way. Sarah’s body just happened to love the extra calories at that time. We might try this again if she hits another plateau, and it won’t work. So then we will have to go on to the next change.

Just remember, all plateaus CAN be broken! It just takes time and patience.