Performance Goals

Over the past couple of months I have really been thinking about what I want to do for my training.
I am a person who needs goals.

No goals….no motivation.

After sitting down and really thinking about what I want to do, I have decided that my goals will be performance based.

Over the past, well almost, 2 years, I have based my goals on getting my pre-baby body back.

So over the next year, I am going to work towards increasing my squat, getting 2 pull ups without assistance and working on my Kettlebell Snatch technique.

Here was part of my training last night. I am working with the 16kg Kettlebell to just tighten up my technique. This was the last 10 reps of my set.

By having performance goals, I will be able to continue to keep my pre-baby body and I will become stronger and leaner.

Sometimes it’s better to set performance goals because you don’t base all your results on the scale or how your clothes fit. And when you have those performance goals, the fat loss and changes in your body happen as a result of hitting them.

If you are someone who wants to hit her goals, then don’t wait!

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