Overcoming Training Obstacle #2 – NO EQUIPMENT/NO GYM

A big reason why people join gyms is because they want to have access to equipement.

Whether that be cardio, free weights, machines or fun little gadgets.

Well with this pandemic that has happened and gyms being some of the last businesses to open, that access to the equipment isn’t there.

And that was reason #2 that a lot of ladies told me why they are training less during this time.


If you missed reason #1, TIME, you can click HERE and read.

Well I want to let you know that even with not having equipment at home or access to a gym, you can still get a great workout in.

Over the past year, and even when my husband and I owned a 7500 sqft elite gym, I do all my training in our home garage and use 1-3 pieces of equipment with each session. And I get a great workout in everytime.

The one thing a lot of my clients have been noticing during this pandemic time is that they don’t need all the fancy equipment that a lot of gyms give you access to. They can get a great training session in with what they have at home or maybe picking up a small piece or two.

So I made a quick video to share with you the 3 pieces of equipment I use for basically every training session. And I guarantee you have at least one of them 😉

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