Overcoming Training Obstacle #1 – TIME

The other day I sent out the results I had gotten from my question about training during the quarantine.

And in the responses I got, about 50% said they were exercising less than usual and from that a bunch of reasons why.

These are actually reasons I have seen from many women over the past 15 years, not just during this quarantine time.

And if I’m going to be honest, reasons I have had in the past on why I didn’t/couldn’t train.

But today I want to talk about 2 of the reasons I heard from women on why they have not been training during the quarantine, or not as much as they usually do. And I want to combine them because they are about the same thing.


From some of the ladies who responded, they said they are classified as an “essential worker” and working long hours 5, 6, sometime 7 days a week.

From a couple other ladies who responded, they said they simply don’t have enough time. Between trying to work from home, help their kids with homeschooling, doing their day-to-day tasks and just trying to stay sane! They simply didn’t have the time or even the energy.

Hey, I get it!

I am classified as an “essential worker” as I am a Respiratory Therapist and had those long hours. Honestly, the last thing I felt like doing was training.

And on the days I’m not at the hospital working, I have been trying to work from home with my online coaching, making sure P has her homeschooling and doing my day-to-day tasks as well.

Again, sometimes there are days training is far from my mind.

But I know that getting something in, even just a quick 20 min session, will make me feel better and be better for my overall health and goals.

So I came up with 2 things I can do to make sure I get my training in. Again, even if it is even a quick 20 min session.


I don’t know about you, but I am a planner! Especially when it comes to my training and nutrition. I like to write it down in my planner (I am old school LOL) when I am training, day and time. I schedule those first at the beginning of the week and then schedule my days around my training.

Do things come up and sometimes don’t go as planned? Absolutely! But then I just re-schedule for that day or maybe even know I will have to skip that training session and remembering that missing 1 training session won’t hinder my hard work as long as I stick to other things such as my nutrition or my MDA’s (<–more on those at another time 😉 )


You don’t need to count a workout or training session as the only activity that will get you to your goals.

Getting your steps in, or playing outside with the kids, or taking the dogs for a walk or two, or yard work… You see where I am going with this.

If you are finding there are days that you don’t have time to workout, make sure you get your steps in or get some sort of activity in.

3. GIVE ME 20! (or really yourself 20!)

Many people believe you need to workout for hours to have a good workout.


All you need is 20 min. and we can always find 20 min in the day.

The way I look at it is, 20 min is better than nothing.

So if you are having trouble finding TIME to train and get those sessions in, try 1, 2 or maybe all 3 of these and see how they work. I promise you, at least one will help!

Next week I am going to talk about Obstacle #2 – No Equipment.

You won’t want to miss this one! 🙂

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