One of my favorite Combo exercises!

I love doing combo exercises.
(Combo exercises is when you put two exercises together, such as a squat-press. For a squat-press, you usually have a pair of dumbbells, squat down with them and then press them up into a shoulder press, as you stand up.)

One of the biggest reasons why I love combo exercises is because you get the biggest “bang for your buck” when doing them. They work a lot of different muscle groups at one time and are great if you have very little time to train and need to get a quick workout in!

Here is a quick video of my training from yesterday. After my Kettlebell training, I had to do a combo of 6 double Kettlebell front squats (I used two 12kg bells) and then a farmer’s walk. I did this 6 times. Doesn’t look like much..but WOW!!!

Then to finish it all up, I ended my training session with 10 rounds of ball slams. Intervals of 20/40 with a 20# slam ball. To be honest…it sucked! LOL

So make sure you add a combo exercise to your next workout…I know you won’t be disappointed!

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