No Excuses Just Because it is a Holiday!

So it is a holiday weekend, but that does not mean I can slack…and neither should you. So this is what I did today for my workout. It really was more like a test to see what I can and cannot do. What I need to really work on and what I can make even stronger.

AM: 1 hour walk with BJ and our dog Riley
PM: Pistols 3 X 3 on each leg onto a box (will explain more about a pistol on my next blog)
Bent Over rows with a T-bar and #20 3 X 5
Hammer curls with #15 in each hand 3 X 5
Squats with weighted belt 2 X 10

Like I said, I was just testing myself to see what exactly I really need to work on. My Pistols and squats are something I will be working on continuously.

Nutrition Tip: It is a “Party Weekend” but be careful of all of those calories that come from alcohol. They add up faster than you think.

Workout Tip: Get off the treadmill and pick up those weights! Walking is good, but will not get you that summer body that a pair of 10, 15, or even 20 pound weights will.

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