New Favorite Kitchen Tool

When it comes to cooking, and/or baking, I’m really not one to have a bunch of fancy tools and gadgets in the kitchen.
I stick to the basics.

But a couple of months ago I decided to buy a new gadget called the spiralizer. This is a tool that turns vegetables into “noodles” that can be used instead of pasta.

I kept putting off the use of it because…well we don’t really eat pasta. Really the only “pasta” we make in the house is mac ‘n cheese and even that is for our daughter.

But last week my sister-n-law asked me to use it so I could give her my opinion and she would decide if she wanted to purchase one for herself.

My opinion?









Here is the Spiralizer I used>>>> CLICK HERE

I made a shrimp and zucchini dish and the zucchini actually did taste like pasta.

Shrimp zucchini




I love this because as I am leaning out over the next 5 weeks and I can get my veggies in and feel like I’m “cheating” with pasta. LOL

Honestly, it is a great way to get your veggies in and, if needed, trick your family into getting them too! Enjoy!


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