Kettlebell Competition-2/27/16

Earlier this week I mentioned I went to Southern California to participate in a Kettlebell competition.
Here is the video of my competition. I’ll be honest, I’m not super happy with the results, but I did get up there and compete. That makes me happy.


Competing/training with Kettlebells has been one goal I have gone back and forth on.

I’ll have days where I absolutely LOVE it.

And I’ll have days where I absolutely HATE it.

But it is something I always come back to.

Main reason why is because I haven’t met all my goals with it.  Mainly due to me not giving enough time to work towards my goals.

Competing with Kettlebells is not something one can just pick up one day and compete within a month or two. There is much to learn and perfect, before ever stepping foot on the platform.

But it is fun when you do! 😉

Well, I’ve decided to actually give this a go and really train with Kettlebells.

I’m excited to see where I can get when I put my all into it like I have with other goals. 🙂

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