“It Happens Sometimes…”

“It happens sometimes…”
This is something my, almost, 4 year old daughter says to me when something goes wrong.

And I’ll be honest, I think it is probably one of the best pieces of wisdom I have ever heard.

Last Monday I posted about how I have been just going through the motions when it comes to my training and not really feeling like I am giving my all.

I was determined to change that.

I wanted to go into every training session strong and with the motivation to get better, even if just by 1%.

Then, life happened.

Last Tuesday evening my sweet, and very smart, daughter came down with a cold of some sort.

She was all happy and playing one minute and then laying on the couch with a fever the next.

Didn’t go to school on Wednesday.

Was sick still on Thursday.

And I had to call her in on Friday as well.

And now this week, yesterday we found out she has another bout of strep.


All this, along with not eating enough all week, has put a real damper on my training.

Sure, I got some training in, but nothing like I had planned.

Am I upset?

Well yes and no.

Obviously my daughter will ALWAYS come first.

But sure, I was super excited for my training during the week that didn’t happen.

But like P says, it happens sometimes.

Life happens and can screw up your schedule in a blink of an eye.

But what you do after the “life happens” moment(s), is where you either succeed or fail when it comes to your goals.

I look at it as having 2 options.

-I can throw everything out the window, so to speak, and not care what I eat or if I train or if I’m even working towards bettering myself. And then maybe get back on the wagon after a couple days, weeks or even months. Being frustrated as can be and make excuses about why I am not hitting my goals.

-Or, I can look at it as what it is/was.

It was a bump in the road.

It was something I could not control.

And do what I can to work towards my goals, even if that means just getting my gallon of water in everyday.

And that is what I did.

I ate when I could, sticking to my nutrition 90% of the time.

I got my gallon of water in everyday (this one, believe it or not, was the easiest one to do).

And I got in 3 training sessions last week.

Overall, not bad even though I did not meet my goals for training.

From working with people for over 10 years in this industry, this is one of the biggest obstacles that make people fall off the wagon.

The obstacle of a “bump in the road”.

Too many times I have seen people hit a bump, most of the time the bump being a change/mess up in their schedule, and people quit.

But quitting is not going to help.

Quitting is just going to make it harder to get back on the wagon and working towards those goals.

So next time life happens and you come upon that bump in the road…DON’T QUIT!

Do what you can.

Even if that means getting a quick walk in or keeping your nutrition in check or heck, even like me just getting my gallon of water in.

Every little bit helps.

Remember, you need to work towards progress NOT perfection to hit your goals.



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