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Diet Part of my Leaning Out

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I am not the type of person who can say I am going to eat “clean” and then lose weight. I NEED A PLAN! (Right now BJ is giving me a big “Told you SO!” look). For maintaing my weight I can do that, but not for my goal of leaning out. So I put together my plan of eating very low carbohydrates during the week and then giving myself 1-2 days on the weekend to re-feed. It is quite extreme, but right now that is what I need.

For the next 9 days (starting today) I am going to basically be eating protein and green veggies. This is what is called the “Priming Phase”. This normally should be around 2 weeks, but next weekend we have our big 150 mile bike ride, and I am going to need to eat some carbs. This should really help me reach my goals. Will I be crabby? YES! Will I be craving sugar? YES! Will it be worth it? HELL YES!!!!!

Here is what I did for my workout today…

Snatch workout w/ 12kg KB
1 min rest
Did this for 30 min. On my last set, I tore a bliste on my R hand. I think it is because I haven’t really worked my snatches for a long time. I don’t think it will affect my workouts for the next couple of days.

30 min of riding my bike inside. Easy spin, just to do extra work and get my butt used to the seat.

I work tonight so I am hoping I am really busy and run around a lot…makes the time go by quicker.

Till tomorrow…

Keep on Working!

It is funny what happens when you start working towards a new goal(s)…it is all you can think about! My new goal is to lean out. Basically I want to drop some body fat. After the RKC in April I sort of “let myself go” and got a little soft. I think it was because I trained and worked so hard for the RKC, my brain kept telling me…”Ah, go ahead….EAT!” Yeah, that needs to stop. I think I was in the best shape of my life at the RKC. So now all I can think about is eating right and training. It gets a little frustrating, but I am motivated!

September 1st is my goal date. For myself I need a goal date or else I procratinate and things don’t get done. I am not quite sure how much I want to lose, but I am thinking around 12 pounds. It may be too much, it may be just enough, I don’t know. I will have to go by how I feel and look.

For the past couple of days all of my workouts are being done with the KB, of various sizes depending on the workout of the day. And most, if not all, have some kind of swing combo.

This is what I did yesterday. It is actually a workout Tracy Reifkind did awhile ago that looked like a nice workout…

40 2hand swings w/ 12kg KB—1 min rest
40 2hand swings w/ 16kg KB—1 min rest
10 2hand swing, 2hand swing/squat w/ 12kg KB—1 min rest
10 2hand swing, 2hand swing/squat w/ 16kg KB—1 min rest

Run 20 min to losen up the legs from all the swings and squating.

Monday’s workout
Double 1hand swings w/ 8kg 30 sec on/30sec off X 20 min

I felt Monday’s workout yesterday….felt good! I haven’t worked with 2 KB in a long time and I think I am going to do it more now.

Till next time…
Train Hard….Train Like A Girl!

Last Chance to Donate

As many of you know BJ and I participate in a charity bike tour, The Scenic Shore 150, that takes us from Mequon, WI all the way up to Sturgeon Bay, WI 150 miles away.

The two day tour serves to raise both money and awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma.

While it doesn’t look like we’re going to hit our goal of $500 dollars, I know we can still raise more money before the deadline.

We have been taking donations through PayPal and it has worked great.

So, Please if you can, donate. Even if it’s only $1, that could be the dollar the makes the difference.

If you can donate, our PayPal acct is

Thanks to all who have donated, and to all that will.

To find out more about the Scenic Shore 150 check out this link:

’till next time

Goals taking another turn

I have been thinking about what my goal(s) should be and how I want to achieve them. After many talks with BJ and figuring out what I want, I decided I want to lean out more. I had this goal before my RKC and got there, but then after the RKC I really didn’t have any goals I was excited about, so I must admit, I let a couple of pounds come back on. Nothing too extreme, but I think it is time to really work at getting lean again.

The way I plan on reaching my goal is by using the KB and body weight exercises. So by doing A LOT of swings and A LOT of squats and push-ups, with a bunch of other exercises thrown in. Ofcourse I am going to have to really tighten up my diet and say no to a lot of good stuff at work. I eat pretty clean for the most part, but there is always room for improvement!

Here is what I have been doing the past couple of days…

Snatch workout: I did the same snatch workout we did at the RKC that Will Williams, RKCII made up. I don’t have the workout in front of me, but basically it was swing, high pull, snatch. Then swing, snatch, and then lastly snatch. All was done for time.
After that I took a 5 min break and then did some major swings….
8kg 30 sec
12kg 30sec
16kg 30sec
20kg 30sec
1 min rest

I did that for 7 rounds. I was only going to do 5, but I had more in me.

BJ taught a Kettlebell class at our gym. It was very challenging. Too much to write down, but he combined swings, burpees, med ball slams and crunches in a way that was awesome!

I worked from 6:30am-3pm, but came home and did some light swinging. I was pretty tired from working but I needed to do something. Here was my swing workout…

2-handed swings w/ 16kg: 15 swings at the top of every minute. Rest the remainder of the minute. I did this for 15 min.
Then I did 3 sets of 5 ring rows.

I am off to an ok start, but I am really going to start picking up the pace and making my workouts longer.

Till next time….

I learned my lesson…

Today I learned my lesson on dehydration! The lesson I learned….it will kill your workout! I normally do not workout on Sundays (usually my day off) but I didn’t workout on Friday because my body was just not going to move a Kettlebell. I think the combo of pushing myself two days before and then having a really tough day at work (hospital) I needed a break. So I just told myself I would do Friday’s workout on Sunday. Well, not as easy as one would think. Saturday BJ, my brother, and I went for a 2 hour and 25 min bike ride (approx. 25 miles) to really start training for our big 150mile bike ride at the end of July. I drank a lot of Rehydrate and thought I drank enough water throughout the day yesterday…I was wrong. You don’t realize how much water you lose biking because it evaporates so fast and you really don’t sweat. So today’s workout paid for it. I am actually really dissapointed in myself. One lesson I always emphasize to my clients is hydration. Well all I can do now is take this lesson and move on and make myself better for it.

Here is what I did today for my workout. Not very happy with it because I wanted to do more.

Clean-Press-Squat w/ 12kg Kettlebell 5R/5L alternating after each C-P-S
1 min rest
Did this 5 times. I was shooting for 10 sets…again couldn’t

2-handed swings w/ 12kg Kettlebell 30 sec on/1 min off X 10 times

I had to stop after that, my form was suffering and it just didn’t feel right.

Like I said, I learned my lesson and hopefully will hydrate myself a lot more come next weekend.

Till tomorrow…

300 Swings in 10 min

Yesterday I decided to test how many swings I could do in 10 min. Tracy you got me in competition mode. But not with everyone else, just with myself and I thank you for that. Anyways I decided to test my swings. I used a 12kg and did 2-handed swings. In 10 min I did 300 swings. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I have never tested my swings like that before so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I have decided that once a month I am going to test my swings one day and then on another day test my snatches. Two moves that I love to work with and I want to become better at. Here is what I did for my full workout…

10 min Swing test with 12kg
100 swings w/ a 15 sec break
100 swings w/ a 15 sec break
20 swings w/ a 10 sec break
30 swings w/ a 15 sec break
20 swings w/ a 15 sec break
10 swings—timer went off

I know I can do better…just need to work on it.

Then I took a 5 min break and then finished my workout with 5 rounds of 1-handed swings 30R/30L with a 30 sec break. Then 5 rounds of 2-handed swings 1 min on 30 sec off.

Then if that wasn’t enough (which I knew I wanted to do more) I rode my bike on my trainer for 25 min.

Overall I felt a really great workout.

Till tomorrow…

Love Those Intervals

Yesterday I decided to take a day off from Kettlebells and go for a run. Then I thought, “I HATE TO RUN!”. Well actually I am not one to just go and run for hours on end. So I decided to make the run interesting and throw a bunch of intervals in. Interval training is an awesome way to get A LOT of work done in a short amount of time. Same is with Kettlebells. Also, it makes the workout more interesting. Here is what I did…

5 min warm up run (5 out of 10 intensity)
30 sec of sprinting (9 out of 10 intensity) with a 90 sec rest of jogging (4 out of 10 intensity)
I did the sprinting 10x
5 min cool down jog
5 min cool down walk

Total time of workout 30 min

It felt great! It was really humid out yesterday so I sweated a lot more. I did all of the running around my neighborhood and for some reason all of the sprints worked out where I was sprinting up-hill. Oh well, just another perk 😉

I would recommend doing intervals with any cardiovascular exercise. For me just doing something over and over, such as running or an eliptical, for 45-120 min does nothing and is extremely boring. By incorporating intervals you are able to do a lot more work in a shorter time period and burn a heck of a lot more calories.

Till tomorrow….

Train Hard…Train Like A Girl!

Swings with Goblet Squats

This weekend I wasn’t really able to do a great workout. Saturday we had our Beginner Kettlebell Workshop, which was so AWESOME! We had 8 outstanding attendees! Then yesterday BJ, Erika (my sister-in-law) and I went down to Pleasant Prairie Outlets for some great shopping. We had a lot of fun. But this morning I was back at it and had a great workout. This is what I did…

2-handed Kettlebell Swing w/ 12kg alternating with the Goblet Squat 30 sec on/30 sec off
I did this for 20 min

Then I did 2-handed swings w/ 20kg 30 sec on/30 sec off
I did this for 10 min

This workout really got my heart rate up and got me sweating. That is so what I love about the Kettlebell, you can do simple exercises, such as the swing, and get a killer workout!

Till tomorrow….

Bear Crawl

Yesterday was so beautiful outside I had to make sure I did my workout outside. So I decided to do the bear crawl. I remember when BJ got back from the RKC in April of 2006 he told me about the bear crawl and how it was the grad workout he did. When he was describing it, I personally thought it was nothing, that was until he made me do it! Talk about a lot of work! With the bear crawl you start at one end of a yard or field or whatever, and you start swing the Kettelbell for 30 sec or so. Then you put the one Kettlebell down next to another one and you get into a plank position. Next, you lift one Kettlebell and move it forward and drag yourself forward, then lift the other Kettlebell forward and drag yourself again. Do this for 30 sec or so, then start swinging and repeat until you have reached a specific time or destination. We did not do the bear crawl for the grad workout at my RKC. We did swings and see-saw presses, again doesn’t sound hard…until you do it.

Here is what I did…


2-handed swing w/ 12kg 30sec
Bear crawl with 2 12kg Kettelbells 30 sec
I gave myself a 10sec rest inbetween each exercise. I did the bear crawl down the length of my backyard. The workout took me 13 min. Short, but intense. Then I went for a 15min run just to shake things out a bit. Overall I had a great workout and I worked hard, that is all that counts!

Till tomorrow…


Yesterday all I felt like doing was swings so that is what I did. I sort of took Tracy’s one swing workout and the swing workout we did at the RKC in April and put them together. Here is what I did…

Each 30 sec with 1 min rest after complete set. A set consisted of going through all the bells, a total of 2 min.

8kg swings
12kg swings
16kg swings
20kg swings

All were 2 handed swings. I did a total of 5 sets and then did 2 min of 1 arm swings with the 12kg. 30 sec on the R, 30 sec on the L, repeat for a total of 2 min again. Rest 1 min inbetween sets. I did 5 sets of these. It was fun to mix things up a bit. Afterward I went on my bike for 20 min to start conditioning my tush.

No workout for me today. After my workout yesterday I had to get ready for work. I was only suppose to work 2:30pm til 11pm, but they were short on the night shift so I stayed until 4 am. Sometimes I need to learn to say no! But it is ok, I did not have to work today.

Till tomorrow!