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Stronger Than I Thought

Today’s workout felt great. BJ and I put together a better strength program than what I had done these past couple of weeks. I needed more structure. Here is what I did today…

Deadlift: 5×3– 111, 131, 141, 151,151 (lbs)
Push Press Ladders w/ 16kg KB–3 ladders of 3
Negative Pull ups–3 (start at the top of the pull up and let myself down slowly)
Curls w/ 15lb dumbell in each hand–3×5
Snatch w/ 16kg KB–5 sets to max–5/5, 5/4, 4/3, 3/3, 2/2

Walking on treadmill 45min

Abdominal work on the BOSU ball

Surprisingly working with the 16kg KB was easier than I had thought. Not easy by any means…just easier. I can tell with the way I am eating too that my strength is going way up. A lot of protein and fat with very few carbs during the week and carbing up on the weekends. This past weekend was not a great workout weekend as for the fact that I worked the night shift on Friday into Saturday morning and I was too tired to really do anything Saturday. So Sunday I went for a 30 min run outside…very nice. I am not a huge runner, but I do enjoy it time to time. As I said above my food is going very well and I have decided to decrease my calories this week by just a little to see if the scale goes down. It is just weird, I really think I am putting on a lot of muscle and things are “tightening up” because even though the scale is going up, my clothes are more lose than last week. Even my work scrubs are starting to fall off when I have to run to codes! Not a good thing! We will see, I am just going to have to play around with it.

Tomorrow I will be doing my conditioning workout….

Till then!

My Messed Up Week

I like my days and weeks to have some similarity when it comes to my schedule and workouts. This week was far from that! Along with being a Fitness Coach, I am also a Respiratory Therapist and work at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. I do not have a set schedule because I am what they call “Pool”. Pool means I work when I want to or when they need me. Some days I work day shift, some days I work PM shift (12:30pm to 11pm) and this week I have 2 days in which I am working night shift (10pm to 8am the next morning). This has messed me up big time! Not only has it messed up my sleeping pattern, but my eating pattern and my workout regimen. I have tried to do the best I can with my workouts and keep them as I normally would. This is what my past week has looked like…

Monday: Even though I had just finished a big weekend of bike riding, I didn’t cut back on my workout today.
Deadlift–got up to 141 for 5 sets of 3 reps
Kettlebell Press ladder–got up to a ladder of 4 with the 12kg
Snatches w/ 12kg–5 sets to almost max (had 1-2 left in me on each side)
Swing workout w/ 16kg–10 swings on the top of every min for 20 min

Tuesday: Kettlebell class taught by BJ
Lots of swings, presses, and cleans—LOVE IT! Did it all with the 16kg

Front squats–started w/ 65lbs, 75lbs, 95lbs x 3 reps then did 1 rep of 105 lbs
Triple extension with 45 lb bar 5×5
Swing workout w/ 16kg–10 swings on the top of every min for 10 min
***Not as long of a workout today but very intense. BJ acutally put me through the workout and I loved it. He doesn’t let me slack and lets me know when I am starting to!

Thursday: Kettlebell Class taught by BJ
Long circuit of swings, body weight calisthetics and active rest
Came home and walked on the treadmill for 30 min while I watched “The Office”. LOVE THAT SHOW!

Friday: AM: 45min on elipitcal
PM: 45 min of Swinging w/ 12kg 1 min on/1min off
**I work the night shift again tonight, so I am getting in what I can.

All in all it has not been a bad week for my hours to be so messed up. My food has been doing well. After my HUGE carb up this past weekend, my body has adjusted to my high fat, high protein, low carb eating. This weekend again will be a high carb weekend. The scale has gone up 3 pounds, but the mirror shows something TOTALLY different. I am getting pretty lean and definition is really showing, so I don’t know what to think. I really would like to see the scale go down. But again, with my messed up hours things hopefully will be different next week.

Till next time.!

150 miles…DONE!

We are back! What a great weekend. We finished our 150 mile bike ride and feel great! We had terrific weather both days. Here is how our weekend went…

Saturday morning we started bright and early. We all (me, BJ and my brother Matt) woke up at 4:30am to some coffee and breakfast. It was so good to have carbs since I haven’t eaten any in 9 days. We then packed up the cars and was on our way to MATC in Mequon. Once we got there we started to unpack and get our bikes ready. We dropped off our stuff (luggage/sleeping bags/etc.), got some more breakfast and was on our way! We started off slow, around 13 mph to warm up our legs a bit. Then after a couple of miles we picked it up to 15 mph. I don’t think any of us could get in our rhythem…not a good sign when you have to ride for 75 miles. We hit the first two rest stops, took potty breaks, refilled our water bottles, and got some more food. Then we hit lunch. It was not a good idea to sit down because it was that harder to get up. By the time we got to lunch we had finished 50 miles and still we all had a hard time finding our rhythem. Poor Matt couldn’t find a good groove to sit on his seat. Then after about 2 hours we finally finished! We had reached Manitowoc and got to the UW-Manitowoc campus! We were exausted! It took us 5.5 hours to complete the first 75 miles. Not bad for us not really finding a good groove. After we parked our bikes and took showers we got some dinner ( Mama Mia’s!) and by 4:30pm we were out! We all took a 3.5 hour nap and then we all woke up at the same time. We decided to walk around a bit to shake out our legs and get something to drink. Then by 8:30pm we all went to sleep for the night! Saturday took a lot out of us, we were just praying Sunday would be better!

And it was. Sunday we had found our rhythem! We all woke up early again, got some breakfast, packed up our things and we were off! I don’t know what it was but we were flying. We were averaging 17-18 mph. Actually I think it was everything we ate on Saturday. Every rest stop we made sure to have a half of bagel or something to just fuel us. You don’t realize how much energy you are using. BJ and I had calculated it out and for 5 hours of biking at 14-15 mph we would burn 2700 calories for BJ and 2300 for me. That is not including just the calories you burn for maintanance. So as I was saying, we were flying and we finished yesterday’s 75 miles in 4.5 hours! That is 1 hour faster than Saturday. We could not believe it! Especially since yesterday was actually the hard day. The second half of the ride is ALL hills. And not the nice going downhill, hills…no the “Oh my God my legs are going to fall off!” climbs.

So all in all we had a terrific weekend. I am so proud of Matt, he did so great yesterday and climbed thoughs hills like he was a pro. We are all doing it again next year, but we would like to put together a team. So if anyone is interested please let us know and we can all start training soon!

Till tomorrow…
Train Hard…Train Like A Girl!

Adding a little strength back in

This week I decided to add some strength back into my workout regimen. I love to do strength, the only down fall is I LOVE TO LIFT HEAVY! I put on muscle very fast, so I really need to watch how much I do. I just get such a high when I can Deadlift or squat or bench or whatever heavy. It is a very powerful feeling. I am adding in strength slowly and letting my body get used to lifting again. Here is what I did….

After Bootcamp…
Deadlift: found my max at 111lbs. Pretty upset about that, I used to be able to pull a lot more.
Presses w/ 12kg ladder: 1,2,3 on each arm
Heavy swings w/ 16kg: 40,40,40,30,20

Overall not a bad strength day, but I wish it was better.

Helped teach Bootcamp, did not participate
Front Squat: 55 lbs, 65lbs, 75lbs, 85lbs, 95lbs. 95lbs was my max. I did sets of 3 to find my max
Ring Rows (body weight): 3,3,3,3,3 After my 5th set I could do no more!
Heavy Swings w/ 16kg: 45,30,30,30,30

Again, not bad but I am used to going heavier. I have to get it in my head it is ok not to go heavy every time! This was all I did for my workout. I had a really busy day at the hospital yesterday and only got about 4 hours of sleep. I work again tonight and I am going to be really busy again. I don’t want to wear myself out for this weekends 150mile bike ride.

Till next time…

Boot Camp Baby!

Had a GREAT workout this morning! BJ and I started our Boot Camps this week and it was a great class. I participated while BJ taught and it was a very challenging class. We had 4 great ladies come and they all did very well. We did all of the exercises in a circuit fashion and for time. I won’t go into details about the exercises….you will just have to come and see for yourself! But I will tell you we did a lot of body weight exercises.

Diet is going well. I hate to call it a “diet” because I am really trying to change the way I eat, not just eat this way for a couple of weeks and be done with it. I have a lot more energy than I thought I would and I am not having too many cravings. I am hoping to drop 2-3 pounds before the weekend. I plan on sticking with this way of eating for awhile.

Till next time….

So Far, So Good!

My diet has been going very well so far. Today is day 4 of my leaning out phase and with my new way of eating. And to tell you the truth my energy is a lot higher than I thought it would be. I have been making sure to eat as much fiberous carbs and veggies as I can. I love spinach so I have been loading up on that food. Otherwise, just making sure I get enough healthy fats and protein, and ofcourse keeping my water up. This weekend has been pretty hot here so I have been trying to take in even more. I don’t want another episode like a couple weeks ago when I was severly dehydrated and could not finish my workout.

Here is what I have done for my workout over the weekend…

1.5 hour bike ride with BJ. Felt good and made me excited about our 150mile bike ride next weekend!

Rest day. Usually I take Sunday as my rest day, but we put up a new shed in our backyard yesterday that took all day. Plus being out in the sun all day really takes a lot out of you.

Sunday (today):
1 hour walk with BJ and Riley(dog)
2hand swings w/ 16kg 30sec on/30 sec off for 20 min
Abdominal work
A lighter day today, but that is what I had planned for Saturday so I figured that is what I would stick with.

So far, so good. I am feeling strong and have a lot of energy for my workouts. I work a lot this coming week so we will see how the diet goes. I am sure I will be fine, but it will be a true test!

Till next time….

Diet Part of my Leaning Out

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I am not the type of person who can say I am going to eat “clean” and then lose weight. I NEED A PLAN! (Right now BJ is giving me a big “Told you SO!” look). For maintaing my weight I can do that, but not for my goal of leaning out. So I put together my plan of eating very low carbohydrates during the week and then giving myself 1-2 days on the weekend to re-feed. It is quite extreme, but right now that is what I need.

For the next 9 days (starting today) I am going to basically be eating protein and green veggies. This is what is called the “Priming Phase”. This normally should be around 2 weeks, but next weekend we have our big 150 mile bike ride, and I am going to need to eat some carbs. This should really help me reach my goals. Will I be crabby? YES! Will I be craving sugar? YES! Will it be worth it? HELL YES!!!!!

Here is what I did for my workout today…

Snatch workout w/ 12kg KB
1 min rest
Did this for 30 min. On my last set, I tore a bliste on my R hand. I think it is because I haven’t really worked my snatches for a long time. I don’t think it will affect my workouts for the next couple of days.

30 min of riding my bike inside. Easy spin, just to do extra work and get my butt used to the seat.

I work tonight so I am hoping I am really busy and run around a lot…makes the time go by quicker.

Till tomorrow…

Keep on Working!

It is funny what happens when you start working towards a new goal(s)…it is all you can think about! My new goal is to lean out. Basically I want to drop some body fat. After the RKC in April I sort of “let myself go” and got a little soft. I think it was because I trained and worked so hard for the RKC, my brain kept telling me…”Ah, go ahead….EAT!” Yeah, that needs to stop. I think I was in the best shape of my life at the RKC. So now all I can think about is eating right and training. It gets a little frustrating, but I am motivated!

September 1st is my goal date. For myself I need a goal date or else I procratinate and things don’t get done. I am not quite sure how much I want to lose, but I am thinking around 12 pounds. It may be too much, it may be just enough, I don’t know. I will have to go by how I feel and look.

For the past couple of days all of my workouts are being done with the KB, of various sizes depending on the workout of the day. And most, if not all, have some kind of swing combo.

This is what I did yesterday. It is actually a workout Tracy Reifkind did awhile ago that looked like a nice workout…

40 2hand swings w/ 12kg KB—1 min rest
40 2hand swings w/ 16kg KB—1 min rest
10 2hand swing, 2hand swing/squat w/ 12kg KB—1 min rest
10 2hand swing, 2hand swing/squat w/ 16kg KB—1 min rest

Run 20 min to losen up the legs from all the swings and squating.

Monday’s workout
Double 1hand swings w/ 8kg 30 sec on/30sec off X 20 min

I felt Monday’s workout yesterday….felt good! I haven’t worked with 2 KB in a long time and I think I am going to do it more now.

Till next time…
Train Hard….Train Like A Girl!

Last Chance to Donate

As many of you know BJ and I participate in a charity bike tour, The Scenic Shore 150, that takes us from Mequon, WI all the way up to Sturgeon Bay, WI 150 miles away.

The two day tour serves to raise both money and awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma.

While it doesn’t look like we’re going to hit our goal of $500 dollars, I know we can still raise more money before the deadline.

We have been taking donations through PayPal and it has worked great.

So, Please if you can, donate. Even if it’s only $1, that could be the dollar the makes the difference.

If you can donate, our PayPal acct is

Thanks to all who have donated, and to all that will.

To find out more about the Scenic Shore 150 check out this link:

’till next time