First Goal-Kettlebell Comp (How’s it goin’?)

So my last post I wrote about what my goals were going to be to ultimately get to my main goal which is getting my body back after having Parker. My first is the Kettlebell competition in Austin, TX on July 6th. At the competition I will be competing in the snatch event with the 12kg bell.
So how am I doing you ask???

Well to be honest the first couple of weeks sucked. 🙂 Not because I was getting back into it, but because I did not feel like I was making any improvement from day to day. My programming (which of course is done all by BJ) is perfect and how it should be, I just wasn’t hitting my numbers or minutes. Last week I declared to BJ that I quit. I basically threw the bell down and told him I quit. No worries he talked me out of it, and I will get more into why I felt that way in my next post.

This week has been so much better.  Hitting my numbers and feeling strong. Why is this week better? I’ll be honest I don’t know. It could be mentally I feel stronger. It could be physically I am able to go longer. It could be that I just have one more week behind me that I am post partum. I just don’t know. But I am OK with not knowing, because what I do know is I am one step closer, one week closer, one Kettlebell snatch closer to my first goal.

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