Extreme vs Consistent

Happy Monday!!

I hope you had a great weekend!

We spent the majority of last week and weekend in Louisville, Kentucky.

It was a little bit of vacation mixed with a whole lot of work.

See for the past 10 years we have been part of some sort of fitness master mind, where we meet up with a business mentor and a group of others from around the country who do what we do. 

We bounce ideas off each other and try to figure out how to keep moving forward.

But the main take away from these types of meetings always is that you don’t need to do anything extreme with your business to make it work, you just need to be consistent.

And that seems to be the same when it comes to weight loss and hitting your goals.

Being extreme, with either your nutrition or training, may get you a step further at that moment. But eventually trying to be extreme all the time stop your progress. You will either stop moving forward or worse yet, you fall 2, 3 or even more steps behind.

But being consistent with your nutrition and training, you will continuously keep moving forward. 

Sure, you may have to adjust what you are consistently doing, such as how you train or your nutrition, but it’s the consistency that pushes you and keeps pushing you to reaching your goals.

So, a question for you…

Are you being EXTREME when it comes to your reaching your goals or CONSISTENT??

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