Don’t Wait!!


I don’t know about you, but I am glad the weekend is upon us.

It’s been a busy week and I am ready for some family time of fishing (our new family fun) and lighting some sparklers we bought for the 4th of July.

The other day I was talking to our neighbor and she was telling me she really wants to get back to her exercise and nutrition program she has been slacking on for the past couple of months, but she is going to wait until after July 4th.

And I asked her why.

She replied…

“Well I don’t want to start exercising and eating clean again just to blow it during the July 4th parties I am going to.”

So my next question was…

“Why can’t you start TODAY and then just plan your July 4th party meals, keep exercising and then get back to it after the last party?”

She thought about it for a couple of moments and then said…

“I guess I can. I mean I don’t see why not.”

We talked a little bit more about what else she can do to start today and keep it up even when she goes to her July 4th parties.

Is this something you have done or do?

Tell yourself that you are going to start your nutrition or exercise program next Monday or after the holiday(s) or when fall starts or whatever you see as an obstacle?

I know I have. Many times.

And I am going to tell you exactly what I told my neighbor.

You are wasting precious time.

Wasting time that you could have put towards your goal.

With today being Friday a lot of people will say, “After the weekend I’m starting X back up on Monday”.

Why not start today?

Why waste 3 days where you can make some serious changes just to start on a Monday? Or after July 4th or even waiting as long as until the end of summer?!

Don’t wait!

I promise you will feel better and make bigger strides in reaching your goal if you start TODAY!

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