Client Spotlight: Kristy Part 2

To say I am proud of my client Kristy would be a complete understatement.

Kristy just finished the Train Like A Girl Transformation Program and got phenomenal results! And I think the before and after pics speak for themselves!

Kristy not only lost over 11 pounds but also lost a total of 10 inches with over 4 of those inches off her belly.

Kristy put in the work not only with her training and nutrition changing her body composition, but also changed her mindset through out the the program.

Besides the goal of fitting into her favorite jeans, which she met only 2 weeks into the TLAG program, one of Kristy’s main goals during the transformation program was to feel happy with herself and comfortable in her own skin. And that is exactly where she is now. She wakes up with a positive attitude and goes to bed happy with what she achieved each day.

Now, I’m not going to tell you it is easy for Kristy every single day, or for anyone that works hard in the program for that matter. 

It’s hard, no matter who you are or how much motivation you have, you will always have those days where sitting on the couch sounds SO much better then getting your training in. Or that it is so much easier (and sometimes yummier) to get your favorite take out then to eat your planned nutrition.

And Kristy did have those days.

So what did she do when those days came?

Sometimes she gave in and did skip a workout or got that take out that was calling her name. Other days she pushed those thoughts out of her head. 

And you know what? Both are OK!

You can’t be perfect 100% of the time and to be honest, you shouldn’t. You should be slowly progressing to hit your goals. That is what it is all about!

So now that Kristy has met her goals and has gotten these great results, she’s done….RIGHT?!?!


Kristy has new goals and is on to her next program with Train Like A Girl. Because she knows this is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. 

I’m so excited what the next 4 weeks brings for Kristy and I will be posting more about her so make sure you keep tabs on her!!! 

If you are looking to get the same results as Kristy and interested in participating in the Train Like A Girl Transformation Program, make sure you fill out the form below so you are the first to know when registration starts! I will be opening up registration for the next TLAG Transformation Program soon! The next one starts at the end of April!!

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