No Excuses Just Because it is a Holiday!

So it is a holiday weekend, but that does not mean I can slack…and neither should you. So this is what I did today for my workout. It really was more like a test to see what I can and cannot do. What I need to really work on and what I can make even stronger.

AM: 1 hour walk with BJ and our dog Riley
PM: Pistols 3 X 3 on each leg onto a box (will explain more about a pistol on my next blog)
Bent Over rows with a T-bar and #20 3 X 5
Hammer curls with #15 in each hand 3 X 5
Squats with weighted belt 2 X 10

Like I said, I was just testing myself to see what exactly I really need to work on. My Pistols and squats are something I will be working on continuously.

Nutrition Tip: It is a “Party Weekend” but be careful of all of those calories that come from alcohol. They add up faster than you think.

Workout Tip: Get off the treadmill and pick up those weights! Walking is good, but will not get you that summer body that a pair of 10, 15, or even 20 pound weights will.

Back in the Saddle

I am going to be honest here. My workouts have not been, for a lack of better words, significantly hard. I have been going through some personal stuff these past 2 weeks that has made it hard for me to Train Like A Girl! But don’t worry, I am back in the saddle and not only will I be enjoying the pain doing the workouts, but I hope you will be enjoying the pain right along with me!

Workout for today:
Farmers Walk w/ 12kg KB 2 lengths of my backyard X 3
Swings w/ 8kg KB 30sec alternating with BW Squats 30sec for 5 min
Took my wonderful dog for a 35 min fast paced walk.
Like I said, not intense as I would like, but the week has only begun!

Workout Tip of the Day:
You don’t need to workout for an hour or longer to make a workout intense.
Remember, it is what you do in the alotted time you have, not how long you do it.

Nutrition Tip of the Day
DRINK YOUR WATER! It is getting warm outside and you don’t realize how much
water you lose by persperation until it is too late and you are dehydrated.
Believe me, your body and your mind will thank you for it!

Welcome to Train Like a Girl dot Com

While we are seeting up our main website this blog will serve as a way to get our message out.

This page will be dedicated to the “hardcore” fitness girls out there. No pink dumbbells here. Think kettlebells, sandbags, sledgehammers and heavy barbell lifting (deadlifts are a favorite of mine).

We’re all about working hard to build a strong, functional, hard sleek body. We’re not the typical cardio bunnies you see at the gym.

I’ve included some pics so you can see how we get things done!

Thanks for stopping by! 😉