70/80/90 Rule

If you have been following this blog, you know that I have really not posted much in the past 5-6 months.

Maybe, 2-3 posts.

Everything is OK, I guess you can say I have been in a “funk” over the past 6 months.

Not really being consistent with my training or my nutrition.

I just have not been feeling it I guess.

I have also had a lot of things come up with in the past 6 months, unexpected traveling, P getting strep…twice, myself getting sick. Just a lot going on.

Have you ever been there?

You just don’t have the motivation,no consistency and everything seems to be coming at you all at once where you feel you don’t have time to be consistent?

That’s where I have been.

But over the past couple of weeks I decided I needed this to stop.

Not only for my sanity, but also because I am sick of the yo-yoing that I have been having.

I haven’t gained much, maybe 3-5 pounds scale weight, but what I see in the mirror, I’m not happy with.

I needed to get my consistency back with my training and my nutrition.

And I knew I needed a new goal.

So I sat down and really started thinking about what I wanted my next goal to be.

I don’t have any competitions coming up or anything like a photo shoot.

Then I read one of BJ’s newsletters.

He talked about the 70/80/90 Rule we have at Full Throttle Athletics and how it’s all about consistency.

Something I have been lacking.

It also hit me that if I am not consistent with MY training and nutrition, how can I keep my clients accountable with their own consistency?

So that is when I decided that is what my goal has to be.

To be consistent with the 70/80/90 Rule.

If you don’t know what the 70/80/90 Rule is, here is a quick run down (I’ll be posting a blog specifically to what each entail next week).

  • 70% of my training will be at 70% intensity.
  • I will be active 80% of the days of the year.
  • I will be 90% compliant with my nutrition during the week.

So I have a goal, now I need a date to which I need to meet my goal.

Looking at the calendar I was trying to figure out what did I have coming up that I wanted to work towards.

I need it long it enough to make a difference but not too long, or no end date, in which I just push it off day after day or week after week.

Well, this October, October 21st to be exact, I am turning 40.

WOW…that hurt to write LOL.

So that is my date to work towards…October 21st.

That is 17 weeks away.

And as always, I have my before pics and weight below.











My weight as of 6/23/17 is 140.

During the next 17 weeks, I am going to be posting my progress pics about every 2 weeks, but more importantly I am going to be showing you how CONSISTENCY is what you need to reach your goals, not the next big fad workout or diet.

My training will not be anything “special”. Nope, I will be strength training 3 days per week and doing conditioning 2-3 days per week.

My nutrition is actually not going to be much different than it has been since January. Only difference is that instead of it being only 50-60% compliant, I’m hitting that 90% every week.

My goal is to make videos on my training and nutrition and answer any questions you might have.

I encourage you to work on your consistency with me during the next 18 weeks.

Here we go!



8 Week To Go…Half-Way There!!!

Today marks half-way point for my goal.

When I started working towards my goal, I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy one, but so far I am so happy with my results!!

Here are some progress pics…

The one on the left is when I started this journey, 8 weeks ago, and the one on the left is from this morning. Very excited you can start to see my baby abs from the pic this morning! 🙂

Kori 82216









Here is a side view…again I’m very happy!

Kori 82216 1









So now I’m sure you’re wondering…how much “scale weight” have I lost?

Honestly….only about 6 pounds.

Am I mad?

Hell NO!

I’m building muscle while I’m leaning out, this is the best case scenario out there!

Will my weight start to go down more during the next 8 weeks?

Probably, but I’m not expecting 15-20 pounds. I know that the goal is, and always has been, to lose fat while I keep and build muscle.

So far my nutrition has been on point, even getting one cheat meal a week, and my training has been great. I don’t plan on making any new adjustments over the next 2 weeks, so we will see how that works. I’m happy with everything, so why fix what’s not broke…right?

I will also be showing you what I am doing to get these results.

How I’m eating, how I’m training, etc.

I hope that you continue to keep up with my journey and possibly start one of your own!

Is This Hindering You From Reaching Your Goals???

My husband took this video this week.

Our daughter, for the past month or so, has been able to crawl into her crib. She even tries to climb out, but unsuccessfully. Basically gets one leg over and then doesn’t know where to go from there.

Physically she CAN do it.

She’s strong enough.

But the one thing that is stopping her is her belief that she CAN’T.

And the only thing that needs to happen for her to see she can, is for her to do it just one time.

That had me thinking.

How many people out there don’t reach their goals because they believe they CAN’T?

How many people never try because they think they are going to fail?

Or maybe how many people are like Parker, where they don’t know how to reach their goals….yet?

Where is your disconnect?

At what point will you tell yourself you can do it?

At what point will you tell yourself you need to at least TRY?

When are you going to learn you can very well “climb out of the crib”? So to speak.

For me personally, the disconnect is sometimes I don’t think I can reach the goal.

And because I don’t think I can reach a goal, I don’t even try to set the goal.

One thing we teach Parker is that she has to at least TRY.

No matter what it is, she has to at least give it one try.

And because of what we teach her, I decided I needed to quit the “I will never reach that goal, so I’m not going to even try” bull.

I have a very hefty goal I am going to reach (notice I said I am GOING to reach it, not TRY to reach it) in October.

This is something I have been wanting to get to for a long time, but never thought I could.

Well now, it’s ON! LOL

I want to practice what I preach to my daughter.

So what is YOUR disconnect?

Where you do drop the ball when it comes to reaching your goals?

In a few weeks I am going to go more into this and how your mentality has way more to do with reaching your goals then you think.

If you want more info like this before anyone, make sure you fill out the form below….







My 3 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes: Mistake #3

OK, here it is!

Mistake #3 I have made with my nutrition.

If you haven’t watched Mistake #1 or Mistake #2, make sure you watch those as well.

These are not mistakes I have only made, but I have seen many others make them as well.

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Sarah=My Case Study

For the past 6 months I have been putting together the “Train Like A Girl” (or TLAG as I sometimes call it) program.

This program combines strength training, metabolic conditioning and great nutrition. And it’s EXACTLY what I do myself, as you have seen in previous posts. It’s a program that I will be rolling out into the public (online as well as “in house”) in 2016.

But I needed to test this out on someone. A woman who has many responsibilities, who struggles with fat loss and someone who has the drive to reach her goal. I wanted to show that you don’t have to work in the fitness industry, train 24/7 or eat less than nothing to get the sexy results everyone wants.

I needed a case study.


Sarah is a 36 year old woman who has the stress of a full-time job, a husband and a house to help take care of.

Sarah has been doing the TLAG program for 5 weeks now and we are both so freaking happy with her results so far!!!

The pics on the left is from 9/1/2015, the right is from 10/12/15.

Sarah 912015

Sarah 10122015








Sarah 912015 1Sarah 10122015 1








Sarah has lost a total of 10 lbs (scale weight), 6% body fat and a total of 7 inches in her arms, belly and legs. But THAT is not what I am so freaking excited about.


What I am excited about is that Sarah has lost a TOTAL of 18 pounds of body fat!!

Yes…that is right! 18 pounds of body fat. THIS right here is why I constantly preach about not only looking at the scale weight. From the scale it says Sarah has only lost 10 pounds. Now, that is nothing to scoff at. Ten pounds in 5 weeks is phenomenal and really is where she should be. But because she is also building lean muscle, the scale doesn’t show all her great results and her great results is that she has lost 18 pounds of body fat!!! (I know I’ve already said this above, but I am so happy!!!)

Sarah has another 7 weeks to go and I can’t wait to see her final results!!!

Make sure you keep an eye out for her final results and keep checking back here to find out more about the upcoming online and in house training that will be happening in 2016!!!

If you are interested in getting the information about the new Train Like a Girl program before everyone else does, then make sure you fill out the form below!!!

What Drives You??

As I’ve said before, I am a person who needs goals when it comes to training.

Not necessarily something to challenge me, but a goal with an end date so I can keep myself accountable.

But I am also a person who needs a drive. Something that is going to motivate me to get to my goal. Something to keep whispering in my ear reminding me WHY I am doing this.

After having Parker, I felt….blah.

Blah meaning, I didn’t feel sexy. My body wasn’t what it was before having P and in the end all I wanted to do was feel sexy.

I’ve always said, pregnancy and having a child is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Sexy…it is not.

I wanted to feel feminine again.

I wanted to look in the mirror (not the scale) and feel confident.

I wanted my husband to look at me and say “DAMN!” (LOL)

I wanted to do this for myself and be proud.

And THAT is what I found drives me.

So now, find what drives you. Find that one thing that will get you to the gym. That one thing that will get you to your goal. That one thing that pushes you to be better.

If you’re like me and you want to have the self-confidence of feeling sexy and looking good, keep an eye out for the Train Like A Girl program that will be launching in about a month.

This is a program inspired by the methods I used to get my better than my pre-baby body back and help me gain the self-confidence I needed step on stage in a bikini.

Just fill out the form below to “Stay in the loop”!


BioForce HRV

For the past couple of days I have posted these pics of a graph on my Instagram and Facebook.

photo 1 photo 2









One day it showed a number of 66 and a Red box. The next day it showed a number of 70 and a Green box.

So what the hell does all that mean and why was I posting that or even caring?

I was showing my BioForce HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measurements for that particular day. And over the past month I have found out just how important measuring my HRV has been.

BioForce HRV basically, in so many words, measures the activity of the autonomic nervous system. Which elicits a sympathetic or parasympathetic response.

(For those who might need a human physiology refresher: Sympathetic is your “Fight or Flight”. Parasympathetic is your “rest and digest ”.)

Why is this important?

It’s important because in the simplest terms, I am measuring how my body responds to stress. Not just the stress placed on my body from training and working out but also the stress placed on my body from everyday factors and home life.

This allows me to adjust my intensity of my training on a day to day and a week-to-week basis, so I don’t push my body too far.

If you are a client of mine at our training facility (Full Throttle Athletics), you hear us preach about recovery day in and day out.

The nice thing about measuring your HRV, it’s not only taking into account training stressors but also life stressors. Many people don’t understand that a stressful day at work, or home, coupled with a high intensity training session, can actually do more harm than good. So getting your “ass kicked” at the gym, is not always a good thing.

If your body is chronically in a sympathetic state due to high stress situations, the HRV reading will show you this and you will know that your next training should be at a lower intensity to ramp up a parasympathetic response and help de-stress the body.

The moral of this story is you can’t train at 100% intensity at 100% of the time and expect to get results. If your body never shifts to a parasympathetic state, it’s not resting and recovering from ANY of the stress in your life and you will plateau.

In an upcoming post, I will be sharing more about this and what I am learning.






Update: 3 weeks of doing….Nothing

Today marks 3 weeks from my last post (my “confession” of having to decide not to do the bikini comp) and I have learned A LOT about how my body reacts to stress, food and rest more than ever.

Over the past 3 weeks I have been doing a lot of “nothing” really when it comes to training. Mainly, due to my surgery 2 weeks ago, I have been walking on the treadmill a lot. Fun! 😉

Also, with the all of the holiday goodies, I’m not going to lie, I have been eating my fair share of cookies, candy and ice cream.

With all of that said, I’m happy to say I’m actually down 6 pounds from 3 weeks ago.


How am I eating “junk” (not all the time mind you) and barely doing any sort of exercise, yet losing weight?

Simple…over the past 3 weeks I have been taking a lot of stress off my body.

I can’t tell you how important resting your body from not only physical stress (training and dieting) but also from mental stress, can help you reach your fat loss goals.

Actually…I can. LOL That is what my next post will be all about. And how you can measure this stress.

Now obviously I cannot keep eating the way I have been and ONLY walking on the treadmill forever and believe I will get the results I am looking for. But, for the rest of this week, I will be.

One of the tools I have used to “de-stress” my body is Bioforce HRV. It’s been a huge help and I wish I would have started using it earlier. Check back on Friday and I’ll explain how I have used it to monitor my stress levels and loss body fat.

Thank You

I was extremely overwhelmed and humbled by all the wonderful support and kind words people sent me from my last post about not being able to compete and feeling like a failure.

I didn’t post all of that to get the “warm and fuzzies” but to show that yes, even if you do put in all the hard work, dieting, blood, sweat and tears…we are all human and things can happen.

Once of the most touching messages I received was from a client. This literally brought me to tears…

Thank you for your blog. It means the world. I’m having a real hard time right now; trying to get it together. So much stress with work that’s it’s been an extreme roller coaster and yes I’m an extreme emotional eater.
In the past when I fall i can get right back up again; this time I haven’t been able too. I had a surgery over thanksgiving and my body isn’t healing fast or easily like it has in the past. I feel stuck again!

Its been extremely hard for me this past 2 years to lose weight, eat healthy and change my way of thinking and feel I’ve accomplished something,that I felt very alone. I say alone because i don’t know if anyone could really understand. 

But I knew if I want to achieve my goals I have to be honest with everything to get my mind right and to get the right support. The mind can be so evil!!!!

I say all this because your blog helped me to see its ok, it’s natural. It’s important to take time and reflect but do NOT stop training and do not give up! From reading your blog it’s like a light went off and everything FTA has educated and trained me on is flashing back, per say. I am my own destroyer!!! 

So I know I probably rambled a lot. But I felt as if I could share with you because you would understand! Thank you!!!

THIS is why I post about my “failures”. When I read a blog/story about someone who has gone through, or is going through, the same thing I have, it also gives me hope.

I love social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. LOVE IT! I love looking at how other people are training, eating, posing (bikini comps), etc. But the one thing I have noticed is people only post the good. Most will not post the videos of them NOT getting the rep or NOT having a good set.

We all need to fail. It sucks, but in the end, if you admit to that failure, you will get better.

So in the end of this all, I want to say “THANK YOU” to all of you who read my blog, who have commented on it and for all the encouraging words you have said to me over the past week. It truly means the world to me.

Learning from a Mistake, the Hard Way

I seriously thought about not writing this post. I mean, who would know, right? I could have just skipped this one and gone on talking about my next goals or another nutrition/fitness tip. But, then not only would I be cheating you (those who read) but I would be greatly cheating myself. As much as I hate to admit things like this, this is where I will become stronger.

A couple months ago I wrote about deciding not to do the bikini competition in September. I was 2 weeks out and I was not ready. Or I should say my “bikini body” was not ready. It was a difficult decision but one I was OK with.

I knew I was going to work my tail off and do a bikini competition on December 6th.

And I did.

I worked and trained and dedicated all my “training energy” to my December 6th comp. Well 2 days before the comp I had to make a decision. Was I (or my body) ready to hit the stage in a bikini and be judged?

Sadly, that answer is “No” and I had to decide not to compete for this one either.

This was taken on Friday, Dec 5th. I am going to admit, I don’t look bad. I will even say I think I look pretty damn good, but not “bikini competition” good and there is a huge difference.

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (9)








To say I feel like a complete and utter failure is an understatement. During my pregnancy I had decided on a bunch of goals to reach and get me back into “pre-baby body” shape and I have hit them all. And, like had have said previously, I NEED goals to work towards to keep me going. I decided to set my goals at doing more shows. So why am I failing and deciding a second time in a row NOT to do a comp? Especially so close to the show?

Simple answer…I got fancy.

When I say “fancy” I don’t mean with my training?

No, my training was on par, but fancy with my nutrition.

During the 8 months leading up to my first comp, my coach and I kept it simple. Lean protein, veggies and post workout carbs with “Reward meals” here and there. Was it boring as hell?


Did it work?


But, after my second comp, I talked with my coach about my future goals and we decided to switch things up a bit nutrition wise. Then when that seemed to not work, we decided to switch it up even more. It just wasn’t working. I also believe my body has been under so much stress from the training and all the dieting throughout the year that nothing at this time would have worked.

So, as I said above, I decided to not compete.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with stress, or I should say overstressed, on the body, it can lead to increases of cortisol in the body which in turn leads to belly fat. This belly fat is extremely hard to get rid of while your body is under this stress.)

So what now?

Well, I will say I took this past weekend to sulk a little, I ate pizza, ice cream and some cookies.

Remember…I am an emotional eater. LOL!

I took the time to really decide WHAT I want to do. Do I want to try again and go for another show? Do I want to do all that training and dieting again? I’ll be honest…I don’t know.

Of course I’m going to train, I just don’t know what for right now. I have some ideas, but I’m going to give it some thought. Right now I have about a month that I will not be able to train heavily.

I will be having a surgery in about 1.5 weeks (nothing serious…just cosmetic) so I will be taking that time to think about what I want to do. I can tell you I WILL get back on that stage, just don’t know if I want that to be soon or this time next year or maybe even 2016.

So basically all of that is one long, drawn out way of saying “This is what I learned…”

1. Use the K.I.S.S method. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!!!  Everyone wants to do the “next big thing” whether it be diet or training. If you are getting results, why look someplace else?

2. It’s not fun to fail (and yes that is what I did) but you need to own up to those failures and figure out WHY you failed. I did and now I’m working on getting back to my success.

3.  Keep going. By the time Friday morning rolled around I was done. I wanted to nothing to do with training or eating healthy or living a “healthy lifestyle”(like I said…I sulked). But I know that if I quit now, I would never know if I could get back on that stage.

Over the next 4 weeks I am making a commitment to myself to blog weekly, if not more. I need to make this commitment to strive to be better even when I can’t be at my best.