3 Tips to Get Through the Holiday Weekend


I hope you had a phenomenal Independence Day! 

We stayed home and put on our own little fireworks show. We actually thought we would be the only ones in the neighborhood doing it. 

We were wrong! LOL

There were fireworks going off all around us. It was pretty neat.

So even though July 4th was yesterday, this weekend is really going to be the days a lot of people celebrate.

And parties and BBQs will certainly be at the top of the list.

So I wanted to share with you 3 tips on how to enjoy yourself this holiday weekend and NOT completely ruin all your hard work you have been putting in to reach your goals.

1. Plan your “non-compliant” meals.
I really don’t like to use the words “cheat meal”. It always makes you think that you are doing something wrong. 

And really, you are not. 

Enjoying yourself, especially on weekends like this where you are with family and friends, is what is going to keep you on track to reaching your goals. 

That is if you plan them.

Plan on what days and meals you will be having those “non-compliant” meals and make them part of your nutrition plan.

2. Make sure you move!
OK so you have your “non-compliant” meals planned. Now you need move/exercise.

Do something everyday to help get that activity in.

Go for a walk, swim, play with the kids, play a sport, it doesn’t matter. JUST MOVE!

You will feel better from getting the blood flowing and this will make sure you keep up with your consistency when it comes to your exercising. A key component to any program!

3. Drink more water!
Drinking more water is beneficial for many reasons.

-If you are celebrating outside, it’s probably going to be hot where you are. This leads to sweating more and dehydration.
-If you are having “non-compliant” meals, you are probably taking in more salt and sugar than normal. The extra water will help flush this out.
-Also with the added sugar and salt, bloating will probably occur. The water will help eliminate some of that and make you feel better overall.

There ya go!

3 tips on how to enjoy this holiday weekend and NOT ruin all your hard work you have put in.

Try to do all 3 if you can. If not, then doing at least 1 of them is better than nothing πŸ™‚

Don’t Wait!!


I don’t know about you, but I am glad the weekend is upon us.

It’s been a busy week and I am ready for some family time of fishing (our new family fun) and lighting some sparklers we bought for the 4th of July.

The other day I was talking to our neighbor and she was telling me she really wants to get back to her exercise and nutrition program she has been slacking on for the past couple of months, but she is going to wait until after July 4th.

And I asked her why.

She replied…

“Well I don’t want to start exercising and eating clean again just to blow it during the July 4th parties I am going to.”

So my next question was…

“Why can’t you start TODAY and then just plan your July 4th party meals, keep exercising and then get back to it after the last party?”

She thought about it for a couple of moments and then said…

“I guess I can. I mean I don’t see why not.”

We talked a little bit more about what else she can do to start today and keep it up even when she goes to her July 4th parties.

Is this something you have done or do?

Tell yourself that you are going to start your nutrition or exercise program next Monday or after the holiday(s) or when fall starts or whatever you see as an obstacle?

I know I have. Many times.

And I am going to tell you exactly what I told my neighbor.

You are wasting precious time.

Wasting time that you could have put towards your goal.

With today being Friday a lot of people will say, “After the weekend I’m starting X back up on Monday”.

Why not start today?

Why waste 3 days where you can make some serious changes just to start on a Monday? Or after July 4th or even waiting as long as until the end of summer?!

Don’t wait!

I promise you will feel better and make bigger strides in reaching your goal if you start TODAY!

“How Do I Eat Healthy??” (Video)

Last week I sent out a newsletter asking if we were to sit down for coffee, what would you like to know about fitness, eating healthy and reaching your goals.

I got some GREAT responses, so I wanted to share with you not only the questions asked, but my replies.

One of the responses I got was asking “How do I eat healthy?”

Eating healthy is such a broad term, and really it depends on your goals, but I wanted to give you some tips on how to eat healthier no matter what your goal may be!

A Little Positivity

“I don’t know why I am starting this new (insert latest nutrition and/or workout program). I’m just going to fail like always!”

Does that sound familiar?

Have you ever said this or something like it before?

I know I have!

And you know what?

I DID fail. 


Simple, it was the negative attitude I had towards the new program I was starting.

I had already failed before I started.

When it comes to reaching your goals and being successful, at anything really, being positive will be a key component!

So the next time you are starting a new program, or even if you are in the middle of a program right now, and you start to have negative thoughts because you will “just fail again”. Don’t!

Don’t let those negative thoughts in!

Be positive to obtain those positive results!​​

Keep positive and have a great day!

Extreme vs Consistent

Happy Monday!!

I hope you had a great weekend!

We spent the majority of last week and weekend in Louisville, Kentucky.

It was a little bit of vacation mixed with a whole lot of work.

See for the past 10 years we have been part of some sort of fitness master mind, where we meet up with a business mentor and a group of others from around the country who do what we do. 

We bounce ideas off each other and try to figure out how to keep moving forward.

But the main take away from these types of meetings always is that you don’t need to do anything extreme with your business to make it work, you just need to be consistent.

And that seems to be the same when it comes to weight loss and hitting your goals.

Being extreme, with either your nutrition or training, may get you a step further at that moment. But eventually trying to be extreme all the time stop your progress. You will either stop moving forward or worse yet, you fall 2, 3 or even more steps behind.

But being consistent with your nutrition and training, you will continuously keep moving forward. 

Sure, you may have to adjust what you are consistently doing, such as how you train or your nutrition, but it’s the consistency that pushes you and keeps pushing you to reaching your goals.

So, a question for you…

Are you being EXTREME when it comes to your reaching your goals or CONSISTENT??

Grocery Checklist

How to plan and prep is one of the biggest questions I get from a lot of ladies.

How to plan your meals for the week.

How to plan how much you need for the week.

What to buy for the week.

And so on.

So I decided to make a quick video on just how I plan for our meals during the week and the checklist I use.

This is something that not only works for me and my family, but something all of the ladies I work with use as well.

You can check out the videoΒ HEREΒ and see just how easy it is to use the grocery checklist to help you stick with your nutrition plan and reach your goals!

Habits vs Restriction

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend!

It rained all weekend here, so we did a lot of stuff around the house. We still have rooms to organize and boxes to clear out from our move almost 4 months ago, but oh well πŸ˜‰

On Friday I was talking to a woman about my Train Like A Girl program and we got on the topic of nutrition and why she feels she has failed with it in the past.

She said she always started off great for a week or so, but then because the nutrition plan was so restrictive, either calorie wise or food wise, she got off course and felt like she failed. 


So I explained to her that I think her nutrition plan (or restrictive diet…because that’s what it really was) was way too restrictive.

Eating for your goals shouldn’t make you feel like you are missing out on anything or so low that you feel like you are going to pass out.

You should be able to enjoy your foods and reach your goals at the same time.

That is why creating habits is more important that what you restrict in your nutrition plan.

I will go more into that this week, but I wanted to put this quote up for today. I do feel like it’s motivational and extremely true.

I follow this exact rule and hit my goals.

For example, this weekend we had great Mexican take-out for dinner on Saturday.

Lots of queso, quac and sour cream on top of it all.

But yesterday morning I got right back on track with our green smoothies for breakfast and today I am going for my run.

I don’t restrict myself when it comes to food. I’ve learned my lesson on that one.

Instead, I create habits that help me reach my goals and let me have those yummy meals like we had on Saturday.

This week your homework is to look at your nutrition and figure out if you have created habits or restrictions. 

Have a great day!

This is What Consistency Looks Like…

This week I have been talking all about consistency when it comes to hitting your goals.

No matter what goals you might have, personally or professionally, you need to be consistent in order to reach them.

And today I wanted to share with you what consistency looks like when you are working towards those fat loss goals.

This is a mom I work with, Kristy. She is the mom I had told you about on Monday who messaged me letting me know how happy she is/was that she didn’t have to try and diet to look and feel good at her high school reunion.

The picture on the left was in January of 2018, when she started working with me.

She was unhappy with how she felt, unhappy with how her clothes fit and she was really unhappy at how she had stopped so many times and having to start over, just to stop again.

She was not consistent with her training or her nutrition.

Then she started working with me and the Train Like A Girl system.

She was consistent with her training and consistent with her nutrition.

That leads us to the picture on the right, which was taken in October 2018.

She felt good (healthy wise and happy), she was loving how her clothes fit and furthermore was so very proud of herself that she was consistent and stuck with her training and nutrition to reach her goals.

Now, I’m not going to tell you she didn’t have some obstacles along the way.

Oh, she did.

She is a single mother of 3, has a career AND owns her own business (my goodness!)

But we faced those obstacles and figured out a way around them instead of just quitting.

And I think the results speak for themselves πŸ™‚

I am still working with Kristy, as she has a lot more goals she is wanting to reach. Not necessarily fat loss goals, but more strength and fitness performance goals as well as staying healthy.

And with these new goals the key STILL will be in the consistency of her training and nutrition.

Have a great day!

Consistency vs Perfection

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

We kept it low-key. Did stuff around the house and got P ready for her gymnastics camp this week.

She was so excited this morning she got up before 6am LOL.

Also this weekend I got a message from a mom I work with.Β 

She has a high school reunion coming up and for the first time in her life she is not stressed about having to lose weight or how she is going to get into a dress because she is already there!

I have worked with her for about 1.5 years and in that time the biggest thing we have worked on is her consistency.

In the past she would start a new program, give her all for a couple weeks or a couple of months and then stop for some reason. 

Usually it was because she wasn’t seeing results immediately and got frustrated.

Or she would feel like she needed to be 100% perfect with everything and putting herself down if she missed a workout or went off her nutrition plan.

She would then stop, only to have to start back at the beginning again.

There was no consistency to her training and nutrition.

It took time, but eventually she saw that it was the consistency that was getting her the results she dreamed of and not the perfection she felt she needed to have.

And that is what this week is all about.

Being consistent with your training and your nutrition is far more important that what you do to train and what you do for nutrition.


I hope you have a great day!